Cooking Tips: Simple Tips for Gas Range Cooking

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Did you recently shift from an electric stove to a gas range? Read this article to get some tips on gas range cooking.

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Cooking is an essential activity that we all need to do in our household. That being said, electric stoves can be pretty heavy on the bills. For this reason, a lot of people decide to shift to gas stoves. The fact that gas stoves have more precise temperature control than electric ones makes all the difference in cooking. It may initially seem tricky when you shift from one to the other; worry not! We have some amazing cooking tips for a gas range that can make your tummy happily full.

Rather than a setting (low, med, high) on the knob, you’ll get used to looking at the flame. You will definitely need some time to adapt to this, but you are going to love cooking with gas! 

Cooking Utensils

It may seem like all types of cooking pots can be used with all types of stoves. This is not correct. Not all materials are able to distribute the heat properly in gas ranges and might end up getting burnt. Since there is an open flame in gas ranges, your cooking pots have to be of good quality. You don’t want burnt pots in your kitchen. There are various online shops from where you can find the best pots and pans for gas stoves

For gas ranges, the best materials for pots are stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and copper. Pots made from these can withstand the direct flame and are also easier to clean. And the best thing about them is that they are readily available and very affordable as well. As for other cooking utensils, you can enter the Almazan kitchen and find some high-quality stainless steel knives, wooden boards, and other accessories.

Natural Gas or Propane?

Gas ranges can be on either natural gas or propane or both. There is no real difference in methods of cooking or the taste of the food between them. Natural gas is less costly than propane, whereas propane is more eco-friendly. Natural gas is provided by pipelines, whereas you’ll have to buy propane tanks. It is up to you which one you choose.

Propane gas is a versatile and widely used fuel source, but many people may not be aware of its numerous applications and benefits. To learn more about propane gas, you can explore its eco-friendly attributes as a clean-burning fuel, its role in powering homes and businesses, and its use in a range of appliances like grills, stoves, water heaters, and generators. Discovering the advantages of propane, such as its efficiency, affordability, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, can help you make informed choices about energy sources and conservation. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or simply curious about this valuable energy resource, diving deeper into propane’s features and uses can open up a world of possibilities.

Turning off the Heat

Unlike electric stoves, turning off gas stoves will turn off the flame, and in turn the heat. This means that you will not be able to keep your food warm or slow cook your meal after turning off the stove. Turning the knob to turn up or turn down the heat may require some practice. Initially, you may increase the flame too much and also turn the range off and have to relight it. 

Simmering Takes Some Practice

Slow cooking and simmering on gas ranges can be quite challenging if you are new to gas ranges. Since the heat is direct, food can easily burn. With electric ovens and stoves, the food will remain warm even after you turn it off. On the other hand, with gas ranges, turn it off and there will be no heat. If you have no experience, you might keep on turning off the stove when trying to turn down the heat. So simmering the food or cooking in low heat requires some practice.

Smells Like Gas?

Does it smell like gas all of a sudden? This is bad! Sometimes gas can leak and cause dangerous accidents. Although this happens rarely, you always have to be prepared and always check for leaks to prevent any mishaps.

It is also important to know how the valve functions and how to turn it off when needed. Always remember to turn off the stove if you are not using it. If it smells like gas, do not turn it on until you get the problem fixed.

Beware of the Flame

Since gas stoves use open flames, you have to be very careful with it. Keeping the stove on unnecessarily can be problematic. Make sure that there is no loose clothing, your hair is tied properly, and there is no material that can facilitate the spread of fire if there is any accident.

While cooking, ensure that the flame is not so high that it protrudes above the cooking pan. While you will have to peek to see the flame in this case, this simple precaution will save you from getting burnt or prevent anything from catching fire.

Clean Well

Cleaning your stove is not only hygienic but also essential. Cooking will always create a mess. From dripped sauce and spilled food to grease, our kitchen stoves become dirty very easily.

Cleaning gas ranges are easier than electric ones. This is because electric burners have multiple sources of heat and every source needs cleaning. With gas burners, you just need to clean one burner piece and around it. Also, gas ranges do not have electrical components, so cleaning is safer too.

Use a simple liquid soap to clean your stove regularly. There are brushes with stiff nylon bristles or metal wires that can easily swipe over your stove without the need for disassembling any part of your stove.  

However, do not move the stove while cleaning as it may cause the gas line to unplug and leak gas. Gas pipes are not very flexible and can break if you move the stove too much. As mentioned earlier, this can be extremely dangerous.

Baking Problems

If you are into baking then you definitely know how efficient electric ovens are for this purpose. However, baking might not be very easy if you are using gas stoves. This is because the flame comes directly from underneath, creating uneven heating. This can cause your cake to be overcooked in the lower portions and undercooked in the upper layers. This is why cakes baked on gas ranges aren’t too soft and spongy. Not too yummy!

But to every problem, there is a solution. You can rotate the cooking pot from time to time to ensure even heating which will bake your cake and make it come out perfect! Not only does this help the cake be baked but also helps it keep its natural touch. No bad cake in this process. Phew!

Get a Professional-Grade Range

I know exactly what you are thinking by this heading. Cost! While it is true that professional-grade gas ranges can be a bit more expensive than the regular ones, the ease and comfort that come with them outweigh their priciness. You’ll know once you start using them. So we would strongly suggest investing in a good gas range over cheap, low-quality ones.

With professional-grade ranges, you can do a variety of things that typical gas stoves don’t allow. More precise cooking, being able to change and control temperatures, better baking abilities, and durability are some of the amazing advantages these ranges have to offer.

What to Cook?

If you are thinking that you need to change your recipe for cooking on gas, you are wrong! You can still cook your favorite meal following the same recipe. Cooking on an electric stove and gas range is exactly the same, the only difference being in some of the methods, such as stirring more frequently, rotating the pan when needed, and adding a little bit more time. This happens only because of how the heat is distributed between these two appliances. Your food will taste exactly the same.

In fact, if you love to experiment with different recipes and cook a wide range of foods, gas ranges are a way better choice for you. From pancakes to vegan food items for yourself or cooking for your whole family, gas ranges can help you do it very easily.

Turn It Off

Gas ranges function by the use of flame and fire sure is dangerous. Never forget to turn your gas range off if you are not cooking. Also, turn the gas valve off if you are not home. These will ensure that there is no unwanted fire that may cause accidents. Do make sure you are not leaning too close to the stove while cooking or have loose sleeves hanging over the fire. If you have long hair, tie it up before going inside the kitchen. Toddlers and pets are very curious and, without being aware of the danger, will approach any hot objects or the burning fire itself. Be aware of their location and make sure they are unable to come in contact with these. 

If you are planning to get a gas range or have gotten one recently, we hope that this article will help you work easily and more efficiently with your new appliance. We also hope this article helps you become familiar with a gas stove knowing the drawbacks and their solutions. You should always take your time to understand your appliance, avoid common mistakes, follow the rules provided, and then abide by these to have lots of fun cooking. Now it is time for you to cook your favorite dishes in a new way. Hope today’s dinner will be a memorable one for you! Bon appetit!

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