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The past week has been extremely difficult. My husband has had the man flu. Well actually I’m not sure what it was but John was so unwell he stayed in bed for three days, did not want to eat and was too ill to do anything.

Having my husband so ill has been hard. You see I have chronic illness and struggle to do a lot of physical things on my own. However I got through and managed to do all I could to keep the house afloat. It was not easy but we got by. You see, over time I have found useful strategies and tips for dealing with difficult days and so I thought I’d share them today.

Quick And Easy Meals

  • I have a list of quick and easy meals which I can make when I have to cook and am not feeling too great. From fish fingers, veg and frozen mash to a microwave meal or cheese and spaghetti on toast, there are always quick and easy meals on my list that take a matter of minutes to prepare.

Stocking Up For Emergencies

  • We stock up on food items and ingredients for the times when no one is able to go to the shop due to illness. I have a food storage cupboard with essential ingredients. We also have frozen vegetables, fruit and bread stored in the freezer as well as tinned fruit and UHT milk in my spare cupboard. This means if John is not available or like this week he get’s sick and can’t get out of bed then we have everything we need in the home to get through.

Cutting Down On Dishes

  • Although we love to be frugal and eco friendly, there are times when I get dizzy and struggle and cutting back on dirty dishes can really help. Every day after a special occasion such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Years we go to the supermarket to find marked down paper plates, cups, knife and forks. When Easter is over we can often find Easter themed plates for about 10p a pack. We will purchase 10 packs for one pound and that gives us around 100 plates. We also buy 5p napkins, and 10p cups. It really does not matter what the theme of the plates are but they sure come in handy on a difficult day and can help reduce dishes down to the bare essentials.

These tips really help us to get through when both John and I are unwell or when I’m home on my own with Sylvia and my husband is out doing volunteer work or busy helping others.

I think the key is to PREPARE IN ADVANCE.  If you make a meal list you can glance at, it takes the effort away from trying to come up with ideas when your tired and exhausted and not well. Having all the essentials in stock can really help. This goes for other items such as cleaning products, tissues, vitamins and paracetamol. I like to be prepared and have had plenty of times when my husband has come down with a bad virus or bug and I can just get him the things he needs from the storage.

Also being frugal and money savvy helps too. You don’t have to break the bank to stock up, but being wise works. You can buy 5 pence bread at the end of the day from Asda and freeze it, look out for deals and lowered prices and of course bargain hunt after public holidays. It’s often the best time to get bargains.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was useful and full of good ideas.

Angela x