Composite Doors: Everything You Need to About This Growing Trend

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Exterior home design is more important than ever. A decent external design can enhance your sense of comfort while protecting your home’s privacy and security. Composite doors are a great option for a sturdy and secure entrance to any home. Ingeniously created for your home, they provide cutting-edge performance together with attractive aesthetics. 

If you have recently taken up a home renovation project or are designing your new business office, you must consider composite doors in Leicester. Here is everything you need to know about composite doors for your next construction project. 

What Are Composite Doors?

A composite is a material or item created by mixing several materials. A composite door is constructed from various materials to provide a stronger, thicker, durable door with a high-quality finish. Due to their gorgeous wood-grain finish, composite doors have gained enormous popularity in the UK. Most composite doors mimic the look of real wood but are easy to maintain. They also never need painting and are resistant to fading, warping, cracking, and weathering.

Materials in a Composite Door:

Multiple materials are used to create a composite door. Composite doors are built using a strong timber portion as their central component, which provides the design with its sturdiness. To protect the interior wood, composite doors have additional layers. The most popular is uPVC, which has a very adaptable design and is weatherproof.

Other materials might be incorporated into the design of the composite door. The strength and heat retention benefits of lamination layers often result in bill-saving. Some composite doors, as an alternative, have glass-reinforced plastic.

Benefits of Composite Doors:

Composite doors have been designed to overcome the typical issues with older front doors, such as weathering, colour fading, and ongoing care. There are many advantages to choosing a composite front door.


The combined strength of the materials used in composite doors makes them quite durable. They can withstand significant structural damage, bumps, and knocks. The external GRP material is particularly resistant to denting, kicks, and knocks. A composite front door is an excellent investment that won’t need to be changed for at least 35 years.

Strong and Sturdy:

A door’s strength and security are two of its most crucial characteristics, and composite doors have superior security because of their steel-reinforced frames and interior solidity. Most composite doors have strong handles and multi-point locking systems, making it difficult for intruders to gain entry. Additionally, composite doors frequently have an impact-resistant design due to a solid wood core and additional layers.

Thermal Insulation:

Draughts and gaps in older doors are a problem brought on by the frame’s warping and moving. Although wood has outstanding thermal properties, it cannot match the insulating power of a composite door. The door’s precision fit manufacturing ensures there are no windy gaps between the door and the frame.

Rustic Appeal:

Undoubtedly, a gorgeously painted timber door looks amazing and can increase a property’s value. The composite door appears exactly like wood due to its carefully moulded wood-grain impression surface. Additionally, it has the advantage of always appearing freshly painted.

Easy to Maintain:

The appearance of freshly painted doors fades quickly because wood requires maintenance to prevent peeling, cracking, and rotting. Compared to wood doors, composite doors have the advantage of simply needing a quick wipe-down to keep them looking their best.

Final Thoughts:

Making a grand entrance is easy with a composite door. After all, the majority of people enter a home through the front entrance. Install a composite door, and you can create an entrance with modern functionality and a natural wood appeal. Your doors won’t need frequent cleaning or painting, and they’ll be guaranteed to last for many years.

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