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Colonoscopy for Adrenal Insufficiency

First day of our 3 day break and John threw up 3 times this morning. John then took me to see the hospital gastroenterologist to get the results from my colonoscopy and biopsy.

It was not exactly a good experience but it needed to be done. I had to fast for a certain amount of time prior to the test and then drink two jugs of vile laxative medication and of course you know what happens next.

I stayed overnight int he hospital because any added stress on the body requires more Cortisol and I don’t make cortisol so I had to go on a drip overnight and have extra medication to help my body cope. It was not fun and sharing a toilet with six other women, one of whom was undergoing the same procedure was quite traumatic!

Anyhow I got through without having an adrenal crisis. I was given an emergency dose of steroids during the procedure to make it easier for my body to cope with and the procedure began. The inspections were done and photos taken, along with a biopsy.

The specialist told me that everything was clear. When I returned to see the gastroenterologist a few weeks later at a routine hospital appointment I was told, they don’t know why I was low in Iron or why I have the issues I have but there is nothing sinister going on.

The final result is that my stomach issues are most likely caused by the adrenal Insufficiency illness and the steroid medication I am taking. I just have to live with it- but it is a worry that steroids (medication i am dependent upon to live each day) can be damaging my insides! 

This is another reason for me to get the Adrenal pump, then the steroids would be in liquid form and go directly into the blood stream bypassing the stomach!

The good news is the Gastroenterologist discharged me from the service which is brilliant and this is one less specialist to see. I just have to learn to live like this until I save up the funds for private treatment and the pump! 

My focus now will be on:

1) Adrenal issues- Endocrinologist

2) Weight loss

I’m so glad this lot of  testing and investigations are over for now. As for my Endocrinology team, they are still confused. I have been told i have Addisons disease. I was told in writing it was tertiary AI and then told in the office it is secondary. It all so very confusing but I hope they soon work it out! 

Yes I will still have all my symptoms..this cant be improved further, unless I had a cortisol pump. But at least on the dose I am on for now I am stable enough to stop having more Adrenal crisis every few weeks. That has been difficult and has not helped me.

I hope I can learn to live with my daily problems and will see in a few months if anything has improved.


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