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My Collection of Collections by Nina Chakrabarrti

Today I am reviewing a fantastic new book which is simply amazing. The book is called My Collection Of Collections by Nina Chakrabarti and it’s an absolutely fantastic book. I think I really love this because it’s the type of book I always enjoyed as a child, non fiction, interesting, unique and colourful.

collection book for kids

My Collection of Collections

My Collection of Collections is a book that invites the reader to explore different kinds of collection in this beautifully illustrated fashion.

collection book for kids

Each page has a new and exciting set of collections and the book allows the reader or owner to add to each page their own collection ideas. For example, there is a fabulous collection of badges and some are blank for the child or reader to create their own badges.

collection book for kids

I love the content of the book. Each collection is very interesting and really fun to look at. I particularly love the buttons collection, the collection of leaves, perfume scents and the coins.

collection book for kids

I love how the pages have activities that your child can complete. For example making coin rubbings on the coin collection page, adding tickets to the memories pocket and so forth. It really is a clever book and I have already suggested it to a few friends as I know their kids would love this!

collection book for kids

Nina’s book is presented in colour and has some gorgeous illustrations. With space to draw and write I think this book is ideal for any child and full of engaging activities. It really is high quality and I love the hard back cover.

collection book for kids

This is a fantastic book I would certainly recommend.

Angela x

*We were sent a sample of this book in return for this review


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