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Collaboration Opportunities I'd Love To Have As A Blogger

Collaboration Opportunities I’d love to have as a blogger

Collaboration Opportunities I'd love to have as a blogger

As bloggers, we sometimes get wonderful opportunities that come our way. For example a product to review or an experience to try out with our family. There may be a campaign we wish to support or a place we plan to visit and working with PR and Brands allows us to experience such opportunities.

Blogging opportunities are not completely free. There is always work involved, we have to take photos, write content and advertise our posts. There is often a lot of background work and emails and messages involved and unless we post content regularly and keep our blog popular, (unless we work our butts off) the pr opportunities wont come.

Over the past months I’ve had the chance to work with some fantastic brands. My favouirte experience so far was visiting the Kensington Premier Inn in London and the Buckingham Palace State Rooms. You can read these reviews if you like.

The best Project/Campaign I’ve worked on so far was with GyaneHealthUK. I got to meet Dr Pixie from (ITV’S Embarrassing Bodies) and learn all about Cervical Cancer and the HPV virus. It was an educational experience and something I now feel quite passionate about- preventing Cervical Cancer.

I’m excited to be a Parragon Book Buddy and look forward to reviewing a new children’s book every month. I’ve enjoyed reviewing some fabulous food products and it’s always great to give my daughter little gifts every now and again as they arrive in the mail.

Having said this, I have been thinking about the Top ten “PR” opportunities I’d love to do as a blogger and so without any more rambling here goes.

A Fabulous Holiday

I would love the opportunity to go on a family vacation with John and Sylvia. Although we spent 2 days in London, there was a lot of blog work involved and it would be great to go and relax somewhere lovely in the UK or further abroad. It would be great to test out a flight company and visit my family in New Zealand. I’d love to go to Disneyland with Sylvia and John or even better go on the Disney Cruise Ship. This would be a dream come true. How about a Honeymoon? Once I get better in the future I plan to go on a real honeymoon with my hubby, even if it does end up being 5 years late!

Furniture/Decorations Company

It would be fabulous as a blogger to have the opportunity to furnish Sylvia’s bedroom. Her bed is getting old and will need replacing eventually. Sylvia has always had an old wardrobe with no doors. We placed a curtain on it to pretty it up but it would be great to one day get her a fantastic working wardrobe to hang all her clothes. Some things are wants rather than needs and our money has to go on more essential items right now but decorating and creating an awesome child’s room is certainly on my top ten list.


One of the biggest reasons I blog or started blogging was to raise awareness about my health condition Adrenal Insufficiency and my desire to improve my quality of life with an Adrenal Pump. The Adrenal Pump is made by Medtronic and I’d love to work with this brand and test out the waterproof Mini Med Adrenal Pump. That is the ultimate dream and I’ll keep working towards this!

Smart Phone/Computer

I’d love the opportunity to work with a smart phone and or computer company and to test out the latest technology. John and I are big technology geeks. That’s for sure and love trying out new gadgets and products. Yes I’m married to a supergeek.

Whitewear and Electronics

It would be fabulous to review white wear products such as a washing machine, one of those new Dyson electronic fans, kitchen essentials and a vacume cleaner. This would be fun and useful at the same time. I look froward to testing out electronics in the future should the opportunity arise.

Family Adventures

I’d love the chance to go on some family adventures. Of course with my illness, I need to rest up before hand and maybe even have a place to stay during the the day as I can only manage a few hours at a time but it would be great to take my daughter to do some fun activities and visit interesting places.

Spa and Beauty

I’m a huge fan of spa. massage and beauty treatments and would love the chance to review a Day Spa with my husband John. Ooh just the thought of this sends shivers down my back! A relaxing massage and resting in a warm Jaccuzi. Lovely!

Children’s Clothing and Products

I’d love to test out more Children’s clothing and products for children such as toys, dolls and exciting educational activities. This is always fun and gives me the chance to do something new and fun with my daughter. We always love new parcels in the mail and it makes life more exciting when I’m stuck in the home unwell and unable to window shop.

Health Focus

I’d love to do more work on my blog to Improve my health and promote the health of children and mothers. I do feel very passionate about Healthy living and want my readers to have the best quality of life possible. It would be great to work with a weight loss company such as Diet Chef and to work on campaigns to raise awareness about illnesses, diseases or campaigns which need support and awareness for the benefit of mothers and children. This is something I look forward to doing in the future and I hope I can make a difference in people’s lives.

Thanks for reading my PR Blogging Wishlist. I wonder how many of these things I may get to to do in the future? At the end of the day, any opportunities will be down to hard graft so I’ll keep chipping away each day to blog the best I can and see what options come my way.




  1. Really useful to write this list and now that you have hopefully some lovely people will be in touch with you about some of the above opportunities. Good luck! #AnythingGoes

  2. Great idea to write a wishlist about these. I would like to do more collaboration too. The best one I had lately was the advent calendar.
    I’m really happy that I am a part of Parragon books too. Matthew has enjoyed every book so far.

  3. Interesting read, how do you actually engage with the brands? They approach you or you make the first step after carefully choosing whom you contact? #AnythingGoes

    1. Hi Katechka. I was approached first when my blog became more popular and then I began pitching to brands myself. You have to keep building content and blogging and eventually the work will come. I’m still a baby and at the start of the journey. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes the holidays will come! I think if i blog about the things we do, eventually we will be offered opportunities as well! Even a lovely holiday in the uk would be nice for starters!

  4. It’s nice to have some goal and inspiration as it will help us grow better as a blogger. I would like a fabulous holiday too, but who knows what our future lies, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing this lovely list! #AnythingGoes

  5. I am right there with you waiting for the holiday offer! and wouldn’t it be good to reiew the Medtronic, I hope you realise your dream on that one, I am sure you will tick all of these things off your list x

    1. Oh yes Amy…I think any holiday experience or adventure would be interesting and lots of fun. I just have to get well enough to do something. We have never been camping since Sylvia was born and when I’m healthier I’d like to go glamping and in a yuk!

  6. I think this is a great list especially since you want to raise more awareness about your chronic illness. How long have you had it for and you are a true inspiration to many mothers out there well done hun x

    1. I think raising awareness as a blogger is a great thing. I blog about family life but through the lens of chronic illness and this can help others in the world struggling with similar issues.

  7. It’s always worth having a list isn’t it – and yes, as bloggers we get some fab opportunities come our way. I wish more people realised they weren’t just freebies

  8. Oooh, yes! I’d love most of those collaborations too.
    At the moment I’d love a personal trainer to help kick-start my post-baby weight loss; that’d be fab!

    1. Well keep building your content and write about the types of things you might like to receive. For example, I’d would like toys for my daughter to review, so i review our own items. Also we write about our theatre and ballet experiences and then i was contacted by someone in theatre. Just keep blogging and building a following and they will come! Angela

  9. Sounds like quite a sensible wish list for future brand collaboration work. It is a lot of work doing reviews and so on, so it might as well be something that really fits you. I myself would lie to move towards travel and experience blogging, as I am pretty keen on those topics. Done a few interiors and nursery decoration Collabs and they have been fab and hope to continue with them too πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks. If we dont have wish lists then how can we measure our success and achievements? Reviews and collaborations can take a lot more effort than people realise.

  10. Looks like your on track to what you wanna do with your blogging and your health. Congrats having a great opportunity. I’m still learning about blogs and how PR works. And that one day I get to collab. I hope more opportunities come your way.

  11. That’s a great list Angela and I hope these opportunities come your way some day. I’m so grateful for all the opps my blog has brought me.

    1. Thanks Fi. I’m also grateful for the ops I’ve had too. It’s a good job to have being a professional blogger. It is hard work and many many hours but its worth it!

  12. I think it’s important to think about the opportunities we’d like to get from PR companies. A lot of the time the work is actually fun, as long as you’re working on something you love. πŸ™‚
    Great post – I’d love a little holiday too!

    1. Yes it is as we can sometimes get asked to do things which are not relevant. I do have to turn things down too as it’s not where I want my blog to go and it’s certainly not, something i believe in, use or need.

  13. I love collaborating with companies. Its so much fun and its a great way of sharing new products with your readers as well.
    I wish you the best of luck – I know you’ll be collaborating more real soon – You have an awesome blog.
    Charlotte x

  14. Great list Angela πŸ™‚ I would love to do a holiday or the gadget one too! Good luck, you never know, maybe a PR rep will see this post and get in touch!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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