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Sylvia has been very busy these holidays testing out and reviewing some fantastic products. In fact, we received a few items from Hasbro including the new Cluedo Junior game.

I remember loving and playing Cluedo as a child and was really quite excited to introduce this game to my daughter.

Cluedo Junior Board Game For Kids

Cluedo Junior Review of a Board Game Designed for Kids

We were sent this game in exchange for an honest review. 

The game comes in a lovely box which is quite attractive and the mystery to solve is the case of the missing cake. The aim of the game is to work out who ate the cake, at what time and in what location. Setting up the game for the first time is a little tricky for a child and requires an adult as stickers need placing on the dice and counters.

Cluedo Junior Board Game For Kids

Characters in the Game of Cluedo Junior

The Cluedo Junior game has six characters, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plumb, Mrs. Peacock, Dr. Orchard and Mr. Green. It took a while to read the instructions and figure out how to play but once we worked this out we were off and my daughter really loved the game.  

Who is this game good for? 

This is very similar to the adult version of Cluedo and is ideal for helping teach reasoning and even critical thinking to your child.  While it is geared toward kids, I would think it is best for ages 7 and older if playing independently and ages 5 and up if playing with adults.  Just since there are so many strategic things to keep in mind, younger children may need more coaching. 

Cluedo Junior Board Game For Kids

In fact we are on our way to grandmas for Easter and The new Cluedo game was the first item Sylvia packed in her suitcase.

Cluedo Junior Board Game For KidsSince Cluedo Junior can be played by 2-6 players at a time, it is a great option for playing together as a family.  Perfect for the holiday visit to grandparents, or for playing with cousins. 

Cluedo Junior Board Game For Kids

Things of note regarding Cluedo

I guess the only thing about the game I am not keen on is the paper pad which is used for marking clues and working out who done it! I think once the pad has run out it will make playing the game a little more tricky. However, that tends to happen with any game where a pad of paper for working things out or recording scores is required.  There are replacement pads available, but they can be costly depending on where you find them. 

Cluedo Junior Board Game For Kids

Apart from that one thing the game is brilliant. Sylvia loves it. She is excited to play this again tonight with her grandparents and I think we will certainly be using Cluedo Junior a lot. This is a fantastic game and one I would recommend. We were sent this product for the purpose of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Angela x

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