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Clothing Essentials For The Family Flamingo Style

When it comes to clothing essentials and wearable accessories there are certain items we could not do without as a family. Each family member in my home is different and when discussing our number one clothing essentials we all had different opinions on what our number one item was. Today I thought it would be fun to share. I’ve not written a Sylvia’s Style post in a while so really enjoyed planning this one.

*This is a collaborative post*

The Husband – John

My husband John is super fussy when it comes to his clothes. He loves good quality items which last long and don’t wear easy. His number one wearable item has to be the trendy statement cap. John loves to wear a cap in all kinds of weather. I’m not sure if it’s a style thing or due to him not having hair and needing to keep his head warm in winter and protected from the sun in summer but we have quite a few men’s caps laying around in the home.

I’ve searched the internet and found a trendy cap style which I like from Englebert Strauss. I love their range of caps for all the family including their caps for women and children. I particularly like their Flamingo cap which is pretty cool. We are huge fan’s of flamingos and I could see Sylvia wearing one of these caps in Summer. I also love that Englebert Strauss have long lasting items which are made from quality materials. This is super important when buying items for my family.

The Wife – Angela

For myself my favourite clothing items has to be pyjamas. Being a mum with chronic illness means I spend so much of my time in bed and stuck indoors and so I love lounge wear and a good pair of comfortable cotton pyjamas. My go to store for Pj’s has to be Asda. I love the range of nightwear in Asda and have loads of pairs of Pyjamas. I’m not really a fan of fluffy one’s but I do love plan cotton items and love that Asda have a range of nightwear which fit’s plus size women. This is great as some stores don’t always sell items that fit me and I can always count on finding something nice in Asda.

My favourite set of Pyjamas has to be my Belle Disney Pj’s followed by my Koala bear set. They look great and are so comfy to wear. I think I have a bit of an addiction and every time I go to Asda, I love to browse the Pyjama section.


The Child – Sylvia

My daughter loves fashion and as you will be aware from her Sylvia’s style posts, she loves to wear¬† pretty girls dresses. Sylvia has had lot’s of beautiful dresses in the past. My favourite dresses have to be the ones’ she has had from the designer store Rachel Riley in London. Two years ago when we went to see my Endocrinologist at the London Clinic, we stopped at Rachel Riley and bought Sylvia the cutest Flamingo girls dress. She loved it. I love Rachel Riley, both the style and quality and her dresses always last a long time and are now being worn by my nieces in New Zealand.

Flamingo Dress

So there you have it. John loves caps, I love Pyjamas and Sylvia loves dresses. In fact I am now in the mood to go online shopping and check out what’s new in store. The spring season is just coming up and I’m sure there are going to be some great new statement pieces coming out. I’ll be sure to let you know what we get.

Angela x