My Life With Adrenal Insufficiency

Clarks Shoes, Blogging Progress And Chronic Illness

clarks shoes

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This week has been great. I attended the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary for an Iron Infusion. I can’t wait for my energy levels to improve. I have had some great blogging achievements this week and feel quite excited about having a real focus for the upcoming months. I have been following the election with Interest and am hoping the situation with the NHS improves in the coming months and years. Health care is a major concern to me especially when I am so dependent on medical care and my adrenal pump in order to stay alive.

pockets of inspiration

Inspiring Read

This week I purchased The Ultimate Work From Home Bundle, which was a real bargain. I got heaps of reading material like over £2500 worth for only 47 dollars and at the minute I am reading Mom Boss on a Budget by Holly Chubb. I’m enjoying educating myself and am excited to read all these books and courses. I am an affiliate for the Ultimate work from home bundle and if your interested you can find more out about this deal here. I genuinely think it’s worth every penny or dollar.

ultimate bundle


What I Watched

I watched the election. It was very interesting and has been something I enjoyed following. It was a surprise to to see a hung parliament. No matter what the outcome in the coming days, I hope the government can work hard to do the best for the UK.

Something I Made  

This week I “made” the house clean! Ha Ha! I didn’t get crafty or make anything major but getting the lounge and kitchen nice took all my efforts and I’m quite happy with this.

Home Improvements

This week I am sharing Sylvia’s new shoes. She has Clarks which is a brand we really love. She got these a few weeks ago and is loving them. The trainers are fab and light up and have been very useful for Sports Day and cross country. 🙂

clarks shoes


My Favourite Blog Post

I wrote a blog post about my experience of going for an Iron Infusion for the first time. I really enjoyed writing about my experience and am hoping this will help someone else to know what to expect when they have to go through this.

iron infusion

I also enjoyed sharing Sylvia’s New Summer Dress from Next. It’s a real beauty and I really do love this! Please do go check it out!

Summer dress next

Blogging Progress

This week I made some huge progress. I changed my tag line from The Inspiration Edit – Family Lifestyle and parenting with chronic illness. I am going to try and create a more niche blog with a focus. I’m excited about this.

I was published on The Mighty! This is my 6th article to be published and that is a really great achievement. I also guest posted on Frazzled Mum. This is a post on Tips for taking time out as a mum and I wrote a post on The Mum Diaries on Using Music to Help Teach Kids.

I was ranked 24 on Tots which is pretty awesome. This is my highest score ever on TOTS100. I have also been contacted about a number of opportunities in Summer. We will be reviewing school shoes in August and I have some other exciting review opportunities coming up. I really do enjoy reviewing products. It can be very fun. I’m excited about the June Hasbro toys, Sylvia’s upcoming new Roco dress and I have been contacted by a few beauty companies and will take some time to reply to these offers this week.

Instagram Progress

Well my Instagram is going well. I have decided to share two images a day instead of one. I am enjoying sharing lovely images. I know my feed is not a daily “instant” kind of feed but that’s because I have chronic illness and it’s really difficult to be consistent. That’s the blessing of automation and scheduling when it comes to blogging and social media. I can share and schedule things when I feel well and rest when I am not.

I know some people prefer instant images but i prefer a curated themed Instagram feed and it suits my lifestyle better. It also means I am not pestering my daughter for photos constantly. She has a time when she does photos for the blog and then a time where she can be free to enjoy her day without being photographed constantly so I do think this method works better for my child given her age. Our Instagram is growing…My goal was to reach 6000 followers by September and I’m still working towards it. I hope your following us?


Quote of the Week 

Here is my quote of the week. It’s a Fun one!




  1. Fun post! I like how you touch on a lot of topics and give updates. I’ve heard of that work from home bundle a couple of times now. Maybe I should check it out!

  2. Wow! That’s one busy week! I just went to the beach, ate too much Italian food, drove back from Italy and watched Orange is the New Black on my couch after the 12 hour drive. Not quite as productive… Ha!

  3. hehehe! You making the house clean did make me chuckle…..Go you!
    Well done on the Tots score. That is fantastic.
    Ohh! That quote is brilliant. I have felt like that over the past week x

  4. It sounds like you have had a very busy week, I really hope your iron infusion works. I do love your quote of the week it is very apt for me and many other parents I know also x

  5. I used to have trainers just like that when i was a kid. I remember being so excited because they would light up

  6. I’ve also been following the election my Mum has a long term illness so I was really interested in the NHS side too, so good of you to share your experiences of your iron infusion, I wish you all the best 🙂 xx

  7. I’m loving Instagram at the moment, it’s become my main focus and I’m really proud of it right now. Good luck with your goal! Well done on your Tots ranking 🙂 Hope you see your energy levels improve soon

  8. The Ultimate work from home bundle sounds really great, will have to go and take a look at that. Love the Clarks shoes, they just seem to last a bit longer than others.

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