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This week has been great. I attended the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary for an Iron Infusion. I can’t wait for my energy levels to improve. I have had some great blogging achievements this week and feel quite excited about having a real focus for the upcoming months. I have been following the election with Interest and am hoping the situation with the NHS improves in the coming months and years. Health care is a major concern to me especially when I am so dependent on medical care and my adrenal pump in order to stay alive.

pockets of inspiration

Inspiring Read

This week I purchased The Ultimate Work From Home Bundle, which was a real bargain. I got heaps of reading material like over £2500 worth for only 47 dollars and at the minute I am reading Mom Boss on a Budget by Holly Chubb. I’m enjoying educating myself and am excited to read all these books and courses. I am an affiliate for the Ultimate work from home bundle and if your interested you can find more out about this deal here. I genuinely think it’s worth every penny or dollar.

ultimate bundle


What I Watched

I watched the election. It was very interesting and has been something I enjoyed following. It was a surprise to to see a hung parliament. No matter what the outcome in the coming days, I hope the government can work hard to do the best for the UK.

Something I Made  

This week I “made” the house clean! Ha Ha! I didn’t get crafty or make anything major but getting the lounge and kitchen nice took all my efforts and I’m quite happy with this.

Home Improvements

This week I am sharing Sylvia’s new shoes. She has Clarks which is a brand we really love. She got these a few weeks ago and is loving them. The trainers are fab and light up and have been very useful for Sports Day and cross country. 🙂

clarks shoes


My Favourite Blog Post

I wrote a blog post about my experience of going for an Iron Infusion for the first time. I really enjoyed writing about my experience and am hoping this will help someone else to know what to expect when they have to go through this.

iron infusion

I also enjoyed sharing Sylvia’s New Summer Dress from Next. It’s a real beauty and I really do love this! Please do go check it out!

Summer dress next

Blogging Progress

This week I made some huge progress. I changed my tag line from The Inspiration Edit – Family Lifestyle and parenting with chronic illness. I am going to try and create a more niche blog with a focus. I’m excited about this.

I was published on The Mighty! This is my 6th article to be published and that is a really great achievement. I also guest posted on Frazzled Mum. This is a post on Tips for taking time out as a mum and I wrote a post on The Mum Diaries on Using Music to Help Teach Kids.

I was ranked 24 on Tots which is pretty awesome. This is my highest score ever on TOTS100. I have also been contacted about a number of opportunities in Summer. We will be reviewing school shoes in August and I have some other exciting review opportunities coming up. I really do enjoy reviewing products. It can be very fun. I’m excited about the June Hasbro toys, Sylvia’s upcoming new Roco dress and I have been contacted by a few beauty companies and will take some time to reply to these offers this week.

Instagram Progress

Well my Instagram is going well. I have decided to share two images a day instead of one. I am enjoying sharing lovely images. I know my feed is not a daily “instant” kind of feed but that’s because I have chronic illness and it’s really difficult to be consistent. That’s the blessing of automation and scheduling when it comes to blogging and social media. I can share and schedule things when I feel well and rest when I am not.

I know some people prefer instant images but i prefer a curated themed Instagram feed and it suits my lifestyle better. It also means I am not pestering my daughter for photos constantly. She has a time when she does photos for the blog and then a time where she can be free to enjoy her day without being photographed constantly so I do think this method works better for my child given her age. Our Instagram is growing…My goal was to reach 6000 followers by September and I’m still working towards it. I hope your following us?


Quote of the Week 

Here is my quote of the week. It’s a Fun one!