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Cinderella Hair Style 

Every month, John takes our daughter Sylvia on a special Daddy daughter date. This month Sylvia chose to go and watch “Cinderella” the new Disney Film at the cinema. Next month they will be going to the Blackpool Tower ball room-using the “Blackpool Big Ticket”  to dance the afternoon away to the Wurlitzer!

Cinderella Hair Style

So, Sylvia spent the afternoon with me (Mummy preparing for her date). She wanted to dress up as Cinderella and go to the Ball (which is the movies). We were in luck costume wise. I bought a Cinderella dress a few years ago at a car boot sale for £2 and it’s now the perfect size. I just had to buy some bobbie pins which I got from the accessory store Claire’s

This is how we created the “Cinderella hair” look.

First we divided her hair and clipped the top section out of the way. John had to do this as I have trouble lifting my upper arms.

Cinderella Hair Style

I then curled the remaining section of hair with the curling tongs.

Cinderella Hair Style

Next we brushed the hair and rolled it into a french roll, leaving the pinning the curls on the top of the head. We then curled the top section, also rolling and pinning this at the top.

Cinderella Hair Style

We used the Hello Kitty bobby pins and added two ribbons to finish off the Cinderella look. it wasn’t perfect but Sylvia was thrilled and very excited!

Cinderella Hair Style

After finishing her hair, Sylvia put on a pair of sparkly shoes to complete her transformation. She and John then practiced dancing together before they left for her Cinderella date and movie. They had a great time.

Cinderella Hair Style Cinderella Hair Style

Cinderella Hair Style Cinderella Hair Style

The only disappointing thing for Sylvia (in her own words) was that her puppy Yoda had not turned into a Human so he could drive her and daddy in a carriage to Bolton!

Cinderella Hair Style

Angela xx

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    1. It’s something we started since marrying my hubby in 2013. I want her to grow up learning how she should be treated. Would hate my daughter to date someone abusive (as i did) so am trying to give her confidence and teach her while she is young! Angela xx

    1. Thanks Serene! I think my daughter has better style than me at times lol. She loves her dress ups but also her fashionable clothes too! angela xx

  1. Sylvia looks so pretty and it’s so nice that daddy has a day with her to himself every month. I love the pictures of you getting her ready, her hair looked gorgeous xx

    1. Thanks Dawn. Sylvia’s hair is so curly at times, It can be a nightmare, especially as my upper arms don’t work very well (with fibromyalgia/pain etc) but it does look great when it’s all done nice. Angela 🙂

  2. I love this! So sweet. I have a daughter with beautiful hair like your daughter has. I always hated that I am not good at fixing it for her. I feel like she’s been cheated! 🙂 Great photos of the daddy daughter date. #twinklytuesday

    1. Thanks jessie, The hair can be such a drama at times. She hates it being washed or brushed lol. Nice to connect with you. Angelaxx

      1. dad used to take me on Daddy daughter dates too when I was in primary I have very special memories of those times He also used to do treasure hunts around the house we children used to love it.he made up bedtime stories where we children were the princes and princesses I love my dad very much.

    1. Thankyou! Sylvia and John have such a great relationship. I am so blessed to have found him and to have a step-dad for my child!

  3. How utterly gorgeous and what a wonderful idea for daddy daughter time. I bet she so looks forard to that every week. I love that she got dressed up as a princess for the special occasion 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Ang! This is the cutest thing I have ever read. How amazing that John and Sylvia have such a lovely bond and that you get to chill out by yourself ey? Have you seen Cinderella yourself? I really think you should see it – it is really fantastic xxx

    1. Esther! thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Yeah!! I have not seen Cinderella…not yet… too busy blogging ha ha! Maybe John can take me on a DATE! Then he can see it twice lol!

  5. The Mother says – What a lovely idea. Every little girl should be brought up thinking they are and being treated like a Princess and this is such a lovely way of doing this. I hope they had a lovely time xx #sharewithme

    1. Thank you 🙂 Funnily enough I was once accused of “being delusional” and believing my child was a real princess. (I laugh about it now) but it was NOT funny at the time as the “deluded person” trying to make me out as crazy raised concerns that I may confuse my child about her identity and damage her emotional well being! What a load of rubbish lol! She is our little Princess as every daughter is to any parent! Angela xx

  6. What a lovely dinner date and bonding time. She is a gorgeous little princess too.Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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