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Chronic Illness Means More Time With Your Child

Hi there,

Well I’ve not been feeling too well the past 24 hours and when I woke up I just felt kind of deflated. It’s the adrenal insufficiency again. I can’t tell what’s affecting me but a tell tale sign is when I try to life my arms and they feel weak and shaky. So I have spent the most part of the day In bed and Sylvia has watched children’s tv and cartoons.

At lunch time Sylvia came to say she was hungry. I suggested she make some sandwiches. after all she is 9 and does know how to make a sandwich. I do like to make food for Sylvia but she also enjoys playing waitresses sometimes and creating menus.

Well she came up with an idea. She asked me…do I want a original, a classic or a Sylvia’s special. I said I’d like a Sylvia’s special. My lovely daughter only went and made me the cutest ever sandwich using our cookie cutters. It was creative and thoughtful and so kind of her.


I came downstairs to eat and rest some more and Sylvia brought her lovely creations into the lounge for me. She did an amazing job and was so pleased when I offered to take a photograph of her super accomplishment.


Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I did not have chronic illness. If I was more well, would my daughter have the talents and skills she has? Would I be working still as a teacher, earning a living and most likely not enjoying my job, resenting the fact I am at work and unable to spend time with my child.

Chronic illness can have a silver lining

I guess the silver lining to having chronic illness is that no matter how sick I get, we do spend quality time together and I think this is more than it would be if I were well and out at work. Whether it is sitting in bed and talking, laying on the sofa whilst Sylvia watches a movie. We have movie night on a Friday and Saturday and yes I may not always watch the movie wholeheartedly or may even be multi tasking but it’s okay, we are together and that’s what I cherish and what Sylvia loves, just being together in the same space, the same room even if we are doing our own thing.

Angela x