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Chronic Illness and Fibromyalgia Living

Chronic Illness and Fibromyalgia Living

Fibromyalgia is a hard illness to live with and today I am having a little chat about it.

I managed to get to Asda this week with my husband and daughter and we were able to support chronic illness and fibromyalgia. We were given green counters to support a community organisation. We chose to support the local Fibromyalgia group. It’s great to see the local supermarket giving to the community and to give children the chance to learn about charity and goodwill.

fibromyalgia living


Before I became unwell myself, I had never heard of fibromyalgia and I wasn’t aware of everyday people having chronic illness like me. I knew people got sick and better or sick and they died. I did not realise there was an in between where you get sick and stay sick your whole life and now I know all about that!

I’d like to hope I can raise my daughter that she is more aware of the things that I grew up unaware of. This is my aim and the green counters can help me to teach her new things!

Angela x



    1. Thanks Victoria. Yes, I think the simple and little thinks at the supermarket can teach our children to give. ALso giving things to the charity shops or serving others at christmas. Thats something else we love to do as a family. Angela x

  1. My little ones love choosing the charity they want to support. At the moment, they go for HomeStart, since they’ve been brilliant for us and money’s been cut…

  2. My kids always like to choose their local charity to stop their tokens in too, great to see the Supermarkets giving a little back to the communities.

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