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The One Word Chronic Illness Challenge

Welcome to the one word chronic illness challenge. I recently saw a one word challenge where you answer a set of questions using one word. I thought it would be fun to write my own one word challenge and answer it from the viewpoint of a Mother with Chronic illness. I wonder how similar or different this is to someone with good health?

chronic illness

Here goes:

  1. Where is your phone?  Broken
  2. Your hair ?  Unloved
  3. Your dad ?  Hero
  4. Your other half ?  Carer
  5. Your favourite food ?  Kumara
  6. Your dream last night ?  Insomnia
  7. Your favourite drink ? Orange
  8. Fear ? Skint
  9. Favourite shoes ? Gladiator
  10. Favourite way to relax ? Television
  11. Your mood ? Happy
  12. Where were you last night ? Home
  13. I love ? Sylvia
  14. Something that you aren’t ? Well
  15. Muffins ? Chocolate
  16. Wishlist item? Adoption
  17. Where you grew up ? Barnsley
  18. Last thing you did ? Medication
  19. What are you wearing now ? pyjamas
  20. Something you hate ? Hospitals
  21. Friends ? Support
  22. Life ? Bumpy
  23. Regrets ? None
  24. Missing someone ? Sister
  25. Your pet ? Casper

So that is my one word challenge. How about you? How would you answer this?

Angela x


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