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My Christmas Tree Journey

On Friday John and Sylvia decorated the family Christmas Tree and prepared the lounge for Christmas. I filmed little bits on my phone, watched and supervised. Decorating the tree has always been a family activity ever since I was a child and I guess after having my own daughter the tradition continued.

Christmas Tree

When we first came to the UK, our first Christmas on our own I bought a small tree with lights attached. Sylvia was 2 years old and it was perfect, a little tree for the two of us. I cooked a small roast just for the two of us and we had a lovely little Christmas in 2010.

The following year was my Christmas from Hell which I plan to write about in the future. It was a time where my daughter had been wrongly taken from my care and I was forced to have Christmas separated from my child and on my own.

This was a year of heart ache but… lovely friend Esther from Inside Out and About invited me to spend Christmas with her family so I wasn’t so painful. Of course I was heartbroken and hurting inside but that year there was one giant huge Tree in Esther’s parents home.

In 2012, I had my daughter back and was given an average size second hand tree with lights on the end. I was also given a load of old baubles and decorations which were quite old fashioned but did the job. This was my first Christmas with John. We were planning to marry the following year and he shared Christmas day with us.

In 2013 we were given our current tree from my friend Esther. She decided to buy a real tree each year and so we inherited a wonderful artificial 6ft tree which I absolutely love.

This is my dream tree and the perfect size and height!  Both years I was unwell and watched John and Sylvia decorate the tree’s.

2015 is my third Christmas where I do not have the physical energy to decorate the tree. Last year I threw away all the old ornaments and bought the ones I wanted at the end of Christmas when everything was really cheap.

I love bargains! I feel like we finally have a tree of our own, which is decorated how we want it decorated.

We now have little Yoda and he loves our Christmas Tree. He was quite interested on the day we decorated and managed to sneak a Santa into his mouth and run away with it…as I caught him on camera.

After the first night of excitement he wasn’t too fussed and left our tree so we can enjoy the season of Christmas.

I’m happy with the tree we have now. Although one year, I may just leave it in the loft and take Sylvia out to choose a real one just for a treat! Who knows.

At the end of the day Christmas is about family and giving and showing love to one another and decorating a tree together is a good opportunity for us to bond as a family and be happy.