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Christmas Pyjamas My Sunday Style

girls pyjamas

Christmas Pyjamas My Sunday Style

With the winter months come the dark nights, snuggling up on the sofa and warm comfy Pyjama’s. This lovely set of Pyjama’s from Asda were given to us (as hand me downs) and are so snuggly and warm.

Christmas Pyjamas

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What I love about these Pyjama’s is the soft feel and the twinkly star/snowflake patterns.It gives a real Christmas feel. Sylvia has been enjoying these pyjama’s and they go really well with her warm fluffy winter socks. I really love hand me downs as well as finding bargains as I really don’t like to waste money. Being on a low income in the past has really helped me to learn to stretch the money I have to make it go further. I’ve always got my daughter nice clothes and then sold them once she outgrew them to help fund the next size up.

Christmas Pyjamas

in fact since I got unwell, Ive not had much time or energy to sell Sylvia’s clothes. I have quite a lot of boxes of lovely items which I plan to re home in the future. Now I do believe giving to charity is a great thing and we do give when and where we can, however for a family who live on a tight budget and who save for the things we need, selling Sylvia’s old clothes equals money to buy her next lot of needs- such as shoes, socks and undies.

Christmas Pyjamas

We had a lot of fun taking these pictures. Sylvia really got into the Christmas mood and then she started making some brilliant shapes, a love heart and reindeer. The pictures were so cute, I had to share a few.


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  1. Little model in the making there. The pjs look great, and I’m a believe in handmedowns. I get to go through bin bags full of clothes from a work colleague’s son, although N’s already in the clothes he’s just finished with, so there’s not a lot of difference in size even though there’s 2 years age difference. Then all N’s good clothes either go to the NCT nearly new sale if the timing’s right, or/and then on to my godson. The other bits that aren’t quite a decent go to charity shops or to textile recycling depending on condition.

  2. She looks so lovely in her pj’s! I love christmas pj’s and have bought my children some for Xmas. Good for you for budgeting as it can be difficult to do. Hand me downs are always a good help. My older sisters are always giving my little girl little bits here and there mainly handbags and things for her to play with as they are a lot older than her. We don’t really have anyone close to us who can give us hand me downs but I do love a good charity shop browse. Always find some great bargains if you look carefully x

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