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Yesterday we received a special delivery from The Pyjama Factory  It was a set of Elf Pyjamas for both me, John and Sylvia. I was really excited and couldn’t wait for us to try them out.

The Pyjama Factory sell both novelty and character Pyjamas and when I saw the Mum Elf, Dad Elf and Elf in training set of Pyjamas, I knew these would be brilliant for our family.

We were able to order the Pyjamas for our own individual sizes and they were delivered first class arriving very quickly.

I love that we were able to get matching Pj’s and Sylvia thought it was pretty cool too.

Our Christmas Pyjamas are Elf themed and are really comfy to wear, they have stripy bottoms, and stripy arms and fun wording on the the tops, along with a printed red collar.

Sylvia loved having fun dressing in her Elf Pyjamas with her dad. I’m not sure who loved it more John or Sylvia.

I’m kind of excited about these photos and am going to add them to my Christmas photo album. I’m also going to share our best Elf Pyjama photo on Instagram which is fab as I love to share our fun shots over on the Instagram platform. Are you following us?

I do love these Elf Christmas Pyjamas. We are going to pop them into our Christmas Eve Box and wear them again the night before Christmas. I think they are really awesome and they really are a novel and fun way to make Christmas more fun. Do you love them as much as we do?

These pyjamas were gifted