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Christmas Preparations

Well Christmas has been fabulous thing this year. I’m still unwell but I have managed to do a few nice things and we had a wonderful week leading up to Christmas day and I though it would be lovely to share our week through the lens.

We started the week of with a Christmas Party at home. We had all the lovely items we usually would have when I was home with my parents in New Zealand. From crackers, pickled onions and cheese, to olives, dip and mince pies.

Making party food, was not too difficult. It was a matter of chopping a few veggies up and taking items out of the fridge. We actually snacked on these for lunch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was fun and something different and made life easier for me as I have been quite dizzy and headachy lately.

Sylvia insisted we wear our Aprons for Christmas Preparations. As it happens my year long apron happens to be a Christmas themed one so it was perfect timing really and I didn’t look too bad.

I did see this fabulous train on a friends face book page. It was at her work and she took a picture. I got permission to share it as I felt it was brilliant and had I seen this on Monday, I’m sure we would have given it a go. Anyway It is brilliant and I’ve shared it now.

On Tuesday I had an appointment and we stopped at pound land to buy two lovely reindeer headbands. We went on the Big Chorley Ferris Wheel but the wind was so strong we could not keep the antlers on. We then gave the headbands to Yoda and Casper (Our new family member) woo hoo! They looked cute.

Yoda and Casper looked really cute to be honest and casper was much happier to wear his headband than Yoda was lol! Please excuse the laundry pile in the background. We are not saints!

So Sylvia and I went on the BIG CHORLEY FERRIS WHEEL which was good and bad. Sylvia had been asking all week to go on it and we wanted the experience, however the weather has been a little rubbish and windy and so when we went on it wasn’t the best of conditions. We loved the ride until the operators decided to stop the ride. We were mid air and it was kind of scary stuck up there so high.

You may like this video…Its my first attempt to edit a video and I like what I did.


Tonight we will use our Christmas Mugs for the first time and have Hot Chocolates. We also have our Pyjama’s from the Christmas Eve Box and will watch a few good Christmas Movies.

We had a fabulous few days before Christmas and enjoyed being home as a family and just chilling and being happy. It was fab to take a few more days off from blogging too and focus 100% on us.