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Each year I love to share ideas in the form of a Christmas gift guide. As my daughter has hit her tween years, I decided to create a Mini Christmas Gift guide for tweens this year and am sharing a few popular toys that I know my daughter would love to find under the Christmas Tree or in her stocking.

I really hope you enjoy reading about and watching the videos for these products. They are all items which I feel match my daughter’s personality and I’m sure there is something here that would make a fantastic gift for a tween or child in your life.

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie- Interactive Chewbacca Toy

Chewbacca is famous as Han Solo’s loyal friend and co-pilot. This interactive toys uses FurReal technology and has over 100 sound and motion combinations. Chewie reacts whenever he is in motion and responds in the Wookie language when spoken to.

chewie copilot christmas gift ideas for tweens

This amazing Star Wars Chewie character laughs, roars and snores and is a brilliant toy for kids to enjoy. Chewbacca is a fantastic gift idea for any tween and one my daughter will absolutely love.

So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio

A few months ago Sylvia reviewed some So Glow DIY Magic Jars and she loved them. So much so that she asked for more for Christmas. We were fortunate to be sent the So Glow Magic Jar Studio which is wrapped up and ready to give Sylvia on Christmas morning. She is going to love it!

so glow diy jars

The So Glow DIY Magic Jar studio has both small jars and one giant DIY So glow jar with lots of fun options for creating her own DIY glow jars. This activity kit is recommended for kids aged 6 years and over. This toy is available at Smyths toys.

Peel Bananas

Peel Bananas are a great new toy that have recently come out in stores. These are brightly coloured scented bananas with cute collectible Crushie Characters and accessories that you peel to reveal. There are six bright colours and this is a great item for kids. 

peel bananas from bandai

My daughter loves collecting little characters and also loves the mystery of not knowing what is inside the toy so these peel bananas are a great Christmas idea for my daughter. 

The Peel Bananas are £3.99 which is quite affordable and are available are a number of stores including Smyths toy store. 

Lock Stars Series One Toys

Lock Stars are a collectable padlock style toy from Hasbro. What I love about this toy is that the packet comes with a mystery toy and you can lock, swap and unlock each Lock Stars character.

lock stars christmas gift ideas for tweens

I am sure my daughter will love her Lock Stars toy this Christmas. This toy is suitable for kids aged 4 and over and can be purchased from Argos and Smyths toy stores amongst other toy shops.

So Slime DIY Factory Set

The So Slime DIY Factory Set is one toy my daughter is going to love. When we visited Affinity Lancashire Sylvia purchased a small So Slime DIY set which she loved and I know this fantastic factory set is going to make a fantastic Christmas present on Christmas day.

so slime diy factory christmas gift ideas for tweens

The So Slime DIY Factory Set is non toxic, comes with a range of colours and “creepy surprises to allow your kids to make the most amazing slime. This is available from Smyths Toys and aimed at kids aged 6 and over.

The Crystal Maze Board Game

As a kid I loved to watch The Crystal Maze on television. In fact I recently shared some episodes of the show with Sylvia and she too enjoyed the game show. The Crystal Maze Board game has a collection of puzzles and tricky challenges that your tween will enjoy playing.

crystal maze board game

The board game is designed for kids aged 1o years right up to adult age. Success is rewarded in the shape of crystals and it sounds like a really fun boredom buster for rainy days and fun indoors.

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew

If your daughter is anything like Sylvia, she might love a blind bag style My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew toy. With different Equestria girls to collect along with other My Little Pony characters these Cutie Mark Crew packs could be a real winner this Christmas.

These Cutie Mark Crew characters are available from Hasbro and can be purchased from a local toy store.

MarioKart Monopoly Gamer Edition

Does your family love to play Monopoly? If so then this Super Mario MarioKart version of Monopoly might go down a real treat with your tween. Created for kids aged 8 and over, this game allows players to collect coins, buy property and compete in races to rack up points and win.

mariokart monopoly

Sylvia is a fan of Monopoly and she is going to love this new edition of the game, I am sure.

So these are my top 7 gift ideas for tweens. I know my daughter will love all of these items and am super excited to be gifting them to her this Christmas.

*We were sent these products to be included in our gift guide*