Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls Tween to Teen

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As my daughter has grown I’ve found it harder to know what to get her for Christmas and birthdays. I guess when she was younger she loved many toys and gifts but now as my teenage daughter grows and becomes more independent, her tastes, likes and dislikes become more niche and so choosing a Christmas present for a teenage girl can get a little tricky.

Well, today we have a real treat for you to help find the perfect Christmas gift idea for teen girls. I sat down with my daughter and we scoured the internet. We found all the items she would love and created a dream wish list.

Today I am sharing some of the Teenage gift ideas my daughter came up with. these are great for tweens and teens and I am super excited to be sharing these gift suggestions with you today!

We played a game…guess the gift while we photographed these items. My daughter was blindfolded and had to guess what the items were before taking her blindfold off!


We were gifted some of these items and others were purchased.

Tween to Teen Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift for a child who is around 12 to 13 then there’s a huge chance she will be interested in makeup! Well my child certainly is. That’s why I’d recommend a fun makeup starter kit such as the World Of Beauty Tweenies Make-Up To Go Set. This makeup set is brilliant for kids experimenting with makeup and comes with a triple compact tray as well as a makeup bag. My daughter is going to love testing this out!

tween makeup

Beauty Products for Teens

Whilst my daughter loves to dress up and do cosplay, it’s important to have a quality product for keeping her skin hydrated especially after using heavy makeup for tiktok and following sports at school. That’s why I’m gifting Sylvia the luxurious day and night Marine Miracle Creme to help keep her face fresh and rejuvinated.

miracle makeup

Facemask and Cheek Tint

One thing we love is to have a beauty night now and again. With thIS madbeauty headband, facemask and cheek tint you can’t go wrong.

mad beauty

Ring Light for Teens

As my daughter enjoys cosplay and making videos she recently asked for a ring light to help provide better lighting for her clips. We went online and researched the best options and came up with this fantastic Studio Creator Kit. This Studio Creator Video Making Kit has a green screen, a Tripod, a Cellphone holder, LED ring light with three light modes along with a 24 page guide book. It’s great value for money and a fantastic product for making new cosplay and tik tok videos.

led ring light

Notebooks and Pens for Teens

My daughter has outgrown the cute glitter notebooks and pencils and now prefers a stylish notepad and fancy pen. This year I found a fantastic Limited Edition Moleskin Notebook that is Harry Potter themed. My daughter is going to love this premium notebook and love the colour as well.

harry potter notebook

I am also a huge fan of Cross Pens. They happen to be my favourite type of ballpoint pen and I have to say, my daughter often borrows my Cross pen to do homework and write. Not any more! This year Sylvia will be getting her very own Cross Century 11 Vibrant Red Ballpoint Pen from Pen Heaven. This is a great pen for her to use at home and with go well with her new Red Harry Potter Notebook.

cross pen from pen heaven

Chocolate for Tweens and Teens

My daughter has a sweet tooth and this year along with a few stocking fillers from the Supermarket I’ll be gifting Sylvia this fantastic and cute Ritter Sport Unicorn Chocolate bar. Made from 100% natural ingredients this Unicorn Pink White chocolate bar is something different and unique any tween would love.

unicorn chocolate

We also have these super tasty looking chocolate baubles which are great for popping into your hot chocolate. A budget friendly gift for tweens or teens and one my daughter loves.

beauty bomb

Printable Escape Room Kits

If your’e tween or teen loves fun activities, they may just love a printable escape room kit from Escape Room Geeks. These exciting puzzles have great storylines and fantastic art and can be downloaded as a PDF file. This is a great game and puzzle my daughter is going to enjoy playing with her older cousins. I’m sure!

escape rooms

Computer and iPhone Accessories for Teens

As my daughter has grown and becomes more independent she has been gifted by husbands old IPhone and recently began using my first Mac Book. With lockdowns and online school work having a laptop to do school work has become imperative. One fantastic way to Jazz up a cellphone or laptop is to buy a really nice case. This year Sylvia will be getting the Stars and Moon Iphone Case for her cellphone. It’s a clear case which is super cute and a great Christmas gift idea for teens.

In terms of computers we will be gifting Sylvia a white stars and moon mac book cover to keep her computer looking great. This protective shell from Velvetcaviar has anti slip grips and heat dissipating vents as well as a fantastic keyboard cover to help my daughter’s laptop last a long time.

Vex Gift Voucher

My daughter loves gift cards as they allow her to visit stores or hop online and order something she really likes. This year Sylvia will be getting a £25 pound Voucher Express Card so she can choose something special after Christmas. Gift vouchers are a great Christmas gift idea for any teen and you don’t have to stress over whether they like what you are gifting them!

voucher express

Smiggle Gifts for Teens

My daughter loves Smiggle. Heck I love Smiggle and I’m an adult. This Christmas there are some fantastic Christmas gift ideas for children of all ages including tweens and teens. One thing my daughter still loves is stationary, jewellery, drink bottles, goo and moon sand. As a lover of unicorns and pugs, I know my daughter is going to love both the Smiggle Character Fluffy Sand which can be stretched and moulded and has a hidden character within the tub.

smiggle sand

Wigs and Cosplay Costumes for Teens

Being a huge fan of cosplay and dressing up Sylvia has asked for a new wig and costume for Christmas. I allowed her to choose the item she wants and she tried it on today to make sure it’s the right size! This super fun wig and costume set will then go away for Christmas.

girls wig

I’m pleased my teen made a Christmas gift wish list as it made choosing items for her a lot easier this year. What does your teen or tween want for Christmas? I’d love to hear!


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  1. Some great gift ideas here. The studio set looks really good, I need to get a ring light to be able to take better photos etc x

    1. oh Sylvia was asking me for one for a few weeks as she likes to do tik tok videos..she does have to wait till Christmas to open it but she is super excited!

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