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My Christmas Bucket List

Over the past few days I’ve been reading some blogs and all the fantastic things parents have been doing with their kids. My time with Sylvia is often limited to evenings after school and weekends and is then determined by how my health is each day.

Christmas bucket List

To make sure we have lots of family fun despite being ill I have to plan. This is where the quote above comes in. I can dream of having more fun with my daughter and set a goal to spend more time with her but if I don’t plan anything, it wont happen and will just be a nice thought.

So after sitting down together we have planned 15 things we want to do in the lead up to Christmas. This is our Christmas Bucket List.

  1. Go to a Pantomine
  2. Make some Christmas Decorations
  3. Make a secret santa gift
  4. Make our Christmas Hampers
  5. Read ten Christmas Books
  6. Have a Christmas Movie night
  7. Visit Santa at a Grotto
  8. Make some Reindeer and Snowman Poop! (with marshmallows and chocolate raisins)
  9. Make a Christmas present for Grandma
  10. Write a letter to Santa
  11. Do some Christmas baking
  12. Create some Christmas outfits for Sylvia’s dolls
  13. write Christmas cards for Sylvia’s school friends together
  14. Make a Christmas parcel for Sylvia’s Cousins in New Zealand
  15. Do some Christmas painting

So this is the list. It’s a lot but I’m sure we can do these things If I plan them out right. What are you planning to do with your kids for Christmas?

Angela x