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Chorley Library, Reading Books and Health Improvements

Recently Sylvia and I went on a trip to Chorley Library as part of a Mother and Daughter project we had planned. Now that Sylvia is in year 4 we decided she would have half an hour of learning every day after school before she has free time.

Sylvia in autum skirt and top


We really wanted to get into a good routine so I thought if we set aside 1/2 an hour when she comes home she can use this time to complete homework, reading and our project. Sylvia does not get homework everyday so on the days she has no school work we will be working on a project.

The first project Sylvia has chosen is to learn French. She really wants to learn some french words and so we visited the library in search of some children’s french books and we found quite a few. Sylvia also chose some books about different animals and a history book on the vikings.

Chorley Library

So now we are prepared and I am excited. I am a qualified teacher and being so unwell last school year I felt really guilty and rubbish about the fact I have knowledge and experience and was simply too sick all the time to do the things I’d love to do with Sylvia. I tried but felt I fell short. I understand I had a good reason and excuse but now I’m on the adrenal pump and able to do more in the home than before and my health is more stable I am excited to start doing something I would have done long ago.

Chorley Library

My health is chronic and everyday is still a struggle but I’m not in and out of hospital anymore. I am not laying in bed for days on end.  I can now get up and do things at a paced level and it’s made all the difference. I’d rather be healed but am happy to be able to do small things in the home and excited too.

So here are the books we took out from the library this month. We get to keep them for three weeks and then will go and exchange them for something else. I also took out some books for me and am really excited to feel well enough to have a good read and learn some new things.

I’m feeling more excited about life. The house is slowly getting organised and we have established a routine. I feel so much happier and am excited for my daughter’s school year.


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