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How To Choose An Energy Efficient Boiler For Your Home

How to choose an energy efficient boiler

Choosing An Energy Efficient Boiler For Your Home

*This is a collaborative post.

Something I am focussing on this year is making serious home improvements. I’m super excited to be able to do this and to share my progress on The Inspiration Edit. We have fully carpeted the upstairs, we have curtains up and the walls are all painted. I’m slowly getting things done one step at a time. Sylvia recently got a second hand wardrobe which is amazing and her room is looking all cosy.

How to choose an energy efficient boiler

With this said one of the items I’d like to get and upgrade in future is a boiler. Choosing the best boiler for your family is important as old boilers such as the one we have can be inefficient and use up more energy making the bills more than they need to be.

John and I really want an energy efficient home. We are still having to use the heating in the evenings as it gets cold but I’ve been looking online at ways to conserve energy. For example, getting roller blinds and curtains in Sylvia’s room could help insulate the space a little better. The house is warmer now we have carpet down but here is still more we can do and that includes looking at new boiler options.


Understanding Boiler Energy Ratings? 

It’s really important when choosing a new boiler to choose an energy efficient boiler. Older boilers can lose around 25% of heat. That’s why it is good to find a “A” rated boiler which can catch ad condense hot air. An A rated boiler can save energy, hence saving money in the pocket for other needs in the home.

Boilers are rated in the UK using the SEDBUK rating system. The long name being Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. The higher up in the alphabet the boiler the less money you you pay in the long term for your energy bills. To find out more information about boiler energy ratings you can visit Hassle Free Boilers.

Choosing The Best Boiler

There are lots of different boilers you can choose from. For my family I think it would be best to get a Combi boiler. Buying a Combi boiler means there would be no separate hot water or cold water tank which can save space during installation. After all, who wants their storage space to be filled with boilers?

I looked at a range of boiler brands including, Vaillant, Ideal and Worcester Boilers. I really liked the look and sound of the Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28. This boiler is a “A” rated boiler and designed to work well in a 3 bedroom home. The Vaillant Boiler has a quiet mark seal which means it runs at low noise and can be installed next to a bedroom. In our case our boiler would be best installed in the airing cupboard between our bedroom and the bathroom.

Saving Money Long Term With A New Boiler

Just like any energy efficient solution there will be an initial cost for a boiler which will eventually help you to save money in your home. I had a look at the the costs and calculations and was shocked to learn a new boiler could save John and I over £60 per month. That is a huge saving. Apparently a new boiler would make a 40% saving on energy usage and therefore if I were to put that £60 per month into the cost of a new boiler, based on my calculations, I would have paid the boiler, installation fees and warranty within 24 months and would then be £60 better off from that point onwards. I think that is a good deal as it really wouldn’t be costing any more than what I currently pay for energy.

Also the boiler I’d like to purchase from Hassle Free Boilers would come with a 10 year warranty so if anything were to go wrong, this would be protected for quite a good period of time.

Eco- Friendly

I do believe that Eco-friendly options in the home are the best.  If there is a way to reduce energy costs and support the environment at the same time by using less energy then it’s something I’d support. Whilst for me and my family this is something that would benefit us and I genuinely believe it would benefit anyone with an old boiler that has a poor rating, I would recommend you do the calculations first to work out how much you can save in the long term. Why not go check out Hassle Free Boilers and find out which boiler would best suit your family need?

Angela x


How to choose an energy efficient boiler

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  1. It really helped when you talked about choosing a boiler based ion the size of the house you have. My wife and I are planning on buying a 2 bed 2 bath house but it needs a new boiler. I can understand that consulting with a professional in your area would help you choose the best unit and have it installed properly so you can enjoy the water temperature you love.

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