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Chocolate Candy Cane Christmas Pretzels

Today we have a fantastic recipe for Chocolate Candy Cane Christmas Pretzels. Candy canes are a great Christmas treat and something we love to hang on our Christmas Tree. This is a fun food idea which you can make for or with the kids.

DIY Christmas Pretzels

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Ingredients For Your Christmas Pretzels

DIY Christmas Pretzels

You can purchase Pretzel Rods in your local supermarket or online.

Candy canes are available during the Christmas season in your local Poundland or Dollar Store.


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DIY Christmas Pretzels

How To Make Christmas Pretzels

Put candy canes into a ziploc bag and crush with a rolling pin or the bottom of a glass cup.

DIY Christmas Pretzels

Place the crushed candy canes on a piece of parchment paper.

DIY Christmas Pretzels

Melt the white candy melts in microwave or use a Wilton Melting Pot.

DIY Christmas Pretzels

Pour the candy melts into a tall glass.

DIY Christmas Pretzels

Dip the pretzel rods into the cup and then roll in the crushed candy canes.

Add sprinkles and then set aside to let harden.

DIY Christmas Pretzels

You can place the treats in the fridge to set faster or leave them out on the side for a slow set.


DIY Christmas Pretzels

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Pretzel Rods

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