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What to Do with Children’s Used Clothing – Collaborative post

Every parent knows just how fast kids outgrow their clothes. One day they’re wearing onesies, and then suddenly, that pair of jeans that seemed a tad too big just a few months ago no longer fits. Children are constantly in need of new (bigger!) clothes, and this can be pretty hectic for the closet space, as well as to the family’s purse strings.Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with outgrown clothes, and perhaps even earn some money out of them. 

Below are 7 ideas on what you can do with your children’s used clothing. 

Store them away for a future sibling.

If there’s another kid on the way, or at least, plans to have another child in the future, then holding on to these outgrown clothes is a logical way to deal with them. Sort through the pile and determine which ones are worth keeping, then wash them. Then, label them to make them easier to categorize, and store them in appropriate bins or storage containers. Place cedar storage balls to keep away molds and other icky growths. Store them away safely until such time they need to be taken out and used. 

Turn them into hand-me-downs.

Do you have a niece or nephew smaller than your child? Or a friend who just gave birth? How about passing the clothes on them so they can be used and loved again? Just be sure to choose those that are still in good condition so that whoever you offer them to will have no hesitations about accepting them off of your hands. 

Donate the clothes to charity.

It’s an easy enough choice, however, you’ll have to know where to donate them. Is there a charity store in your area that sells used children’s clothes? Call them to see which types of items they can accept.

Alternatively, find out if your local nursery needs spare clothing for times when toddlers need a change of clothes due to little accidents. They might even be able to use them as protective overalls for painting activities.

Sell them online. 

Gone are the days when you’d have to hold a garage sale to dispose of unwanted items. Nowadays, you simply need to create an account on any of the many online marketplaces to sell items online. All you need to do is to take a photo of the children’s clothes to upload onto the buy and sell website, add a short description, and arrange for shipping when the item or items get sold. Not only will you be able to get rid of children’s used clothing, you’ll be able to get back some of the money you used to purchase them. 

Barter with another parent.

If you have moms in your circle of friends who have kids in different age groups, then you may be able to trade some outgrown clothes for some of their own that may fit your child. This can even be done by the bag, if you have a ton of items that your kid can no longer use. 

Hold a swishing party.

If finding the right parent to barter or swap with is too much of a hassle, consider holding a swishing party instead. Invite fellow parents to come with their own set of pre-loved clothing (you may set themes for the types of items to bring). Pile them up, or segregate them into sizes for easier perusal For each item of clothing that they bring, give each guest one token. They can then use these tokens to redeem the clothes that caught their eye and that they want to take home. 

Repurpose the outgrown clothes.

Not all outgrown clothes can be reused, or even donated. So how about converting them into something else, instead? These pieces of fabric can be turned into quilts, rugs, wall hangings, or even other articles of clothing (such as a headband out of a skirt). You creativity is the limit when re-inventing old pieces of clothes. 

Children’s clothes are often not worn that much, considering kids grow up too fast. Rather than throwing them away, there are greener options that can get these clothes a second life. Whether you choose to turn children’s clothes to hand-me-downs, sell them secondhand, or donate them, there’s bound to be a smaller child out there that can make full use of the items that your child has inevitably outgrown.