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Free Children’s Book Labels To Encourage Reading

childrens's book labels

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Free Children’s Book Labels To Encourage Reading

Today I am sharing a brand new printable. This is a free downloadable printable for children’s book labels. Getting a new book can be really special and printing your own book labels to put in your child’s books can encourage a love of books and reading.

childrens's book labels

Reading to kids is really important. Reading can help with growth and development. Reading is an essential skill and can bring a lot of enjoyment to a child. Reading together with your child and discussing what happens in a book can help develop speech and cognitive skills.

I personally love children’s books especially ones which teach and inform and also fun stories with animals in. I have created a list of my top Dog themed books for children and your welcome to pop over and have a read of this. I also created a list of Beatrix Potter Books and my top Dr Seuss Books. There are so many fantastic kids books out there and personalising a book by adding labels is a great way to make your child’s book that extra bit special.

To Download this fantastic printable simply complete the form below.

Do enjoy.

Angela x


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  1. Thanks for creating the list. My kids love to read and we have a few books at home. Since they are growing up, I can definitely extend my kids’ book collection.

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