Getting Your Child Ready And Excited For Kindergarten

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Going to kindergarten is a big adjustment for any child, and you can play an important part in getting your little one excited and ready for his or her new experience. Below are a few tips to help you out.

Start establishing a schedule

By following a routine, you give your child opportunities to act responsibly and make decisions. Having a routine in place before starting kindergarten can help to ease your child’s transition to the structure of the school setting.

Avoid overpreparing

You don’t need to start with the preparation months in advance, as this can feel overwhelming to your little one. Instead, whenever you drive past a playground, for example, point out a slide and tell your child there will be one like that at their school.

Use teachable moments

Children are naturally curious which makes like full of teachable moments. Find opportunities to slip in a simple lesson here and there about life. You can do this by serving others which will help you child gain awareness for others. For example, look for ways to help your neighbours.

Stick with your bedtime and morning routines

When done consistently, routines give your child a sense of belonging along with reassurance, and will provide you with plenty of chances to bond with your pre-schooler. You could include things like helping your child get dressed, make the bed, and tidying up their toys. Make a chart of the tasks and a picture next to each item – many schools have similar schedules, so this will help prepare your child.

Fine tune their motor skills

Before kindergarten, help your little one develop fine motor skills during playtime by creating exciting craft projects that involve colouring, gluing, and snipping paper. You could also encourage your child to use modelling clay to create letters and shapes.

Reading time

Make time to read to your child every day to encourage a love of reading and enhance your little one’s vocabulary. Keep reading material in the car, in his or her bedroom, the kitchen, and even outside, so there is always something nearby.

Plan a tour of the school

It’s a great idea to visit the school before your little boy or girl starts and while school is in session. It’s a good opportunity to introduce your child to the teacher and let him or her observe and explore the room. Have some playtime on the playground and walk around showing your child all the things they will get to explore.

When it comes time to start kindergarten, watch out for separation anxiety. It’s normal for children to experience this during the first few weeks when you drop them off at their new school, but remain positive so that your child is excited and ready to be left for the day. When you drop your baby off, be calm and reassure him or her that you will be back later, and then keep your goodbye short and sweet.

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