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The Chandelier, Interiors And My Dreams


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The Chandelier, Interiors And My Dreams

One of the things that I find fascinating and beautiful is a Chandelier. The chandelier first came about in the 14th century. It was originally a beam with candles attached meant for the purpose of illuminating a room. As the years went on these lights became more extravagant and became a symbol of light, beauty and wealth.

My first memory of the Chandelier was to see a bright and beautiful one in a religious building at only 18 months old. I still remember this special occasion with my parents and can recall the beauty of the chandelier with clarity. When my family moved house at age five, my parents decorated the lounge and we had a lovely chandelier style light setting. Again this was something that stood out to me. I remember the lights and simply feel some kind of

When my family moved house at age five, my parents decorated the lounge and we had a lovely bright and gorgeous light setting. Again this was something that stood out to me and I remember. I’m also reminded of the beautiful chandelier in the room where I was married to my sweetheart John.

Having a love of Chandeliers I decided I wanted one for my lounge in the future when we can afford it. I’ve been looking for years for the perfect light fitting and in 2013 I found one that I love in Laura Ashley. We’ve had more pressing needs in the home over the past few years so I still have not bought my dream chandelier yet but I do plan to get it eventually.

The Chandelier which I love is called the Laura Ashley Vienna Ceiling Pendant and it is absolutely gorgeous. I can just picture it in our new lounge. This would look so gorgeous. It retails at £400 so it will be some time yet before I get this but it’s good to dream.

Laura Ashley Vienna Ceiling Pendant

Speaking of dreams I looked up the Chandelier out of interest to see what it means when one literally dreams about this image. I read that seeing a chandelier in your dream, represents grandeur and greatness and a bright future ahead. It also represents light and wisdom and can signal that the mind patterns are activated during sleep. I thought that this was really interesting.

In fact, what is really interesting is that in 2013 when I had counselling and EMDR therapy to help overcome a traumatic event from my past, I was asked to choose an image to focus on. I chose to picture a Chandelier. I didn’t even realise at the time why I had done this but I guess it all makes sense now as to me this represents peace and relaxation, happiness, light and moving forward.

So, in the future when I can afford to, I plan to buy the Vienna Pendant Light and it will be an image of beauty in my home, a symbol of light, of happiness, good memories and a bright future.

Angela x


  1. I love chandeliers. I fell in love with them when I went to church as a child and they had one from the original church that stood in that place. I plan on having one in my home whenever I can afford it as well.

  2. They’re so decadent and luxurious. We have compromised with a lamp shade with dangly bits so it’s kind of like a chandelier! My parents have a thing for them too.

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