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Celebrating The Sellotape Birthday


Celebrating The Sellotape Birthday

Today I received an awesome little package in the mail from Sellotape. I have always used Sellotape my whole life and the hamper that arrived is celebrating 80 years of Sellotape.

Now that is a long time. In fact when I was born Sellotape was so popular that it gained entry into the Oxford English Dictionary back in the 1980’s. Sellotape was first invented in 1937 by Colin Kininmonth and George Gray.


To celebrate their 80th Birthday Sellotape have created a new glitter tape. This is super exciting. In fact I am planning to use this to wrap Christmas gifts this year, if I don’t use it up for crafting beforehand.


The coolest thing I received which I love is the Let’s Stick together limited edition Sellotape tin. It reminds me of a similar tin a dear teacher once had.

She was my music teacher for many years and she would use it to stick the words up on the board while we were practicing our singing. I’m really excited to have my own sellotape container.

It is a cute tin and will remind me of my precious teacher every time I use it. I am sure this will also help me not to lose my Sellotape and even better will protect it from Yoda and Casper who have chewed up more sellotape rolls than I bare to count.


Lastly we received a cute Sellotape Teddybear and he is wearing a 80 years celebratory bib. Sylvia thinks he is cute and I’m sure he will be in her room before I can count to 10.


I really do love our Sellotape celebration hamper. It is fantastic and I am pleased to have such a cool tin to protect my sellotape from the dogs.

Angela x  sellotape


  1. I have never, ever, heard of Sellotape – now I feel like I’ve been missing something! But, I have to say that the glitter tape does look fun for Christmas. I mean – who doesn’t like glitter!

  2. This is amazing; keep up the work for your blog. I do love glitter! Awe this reminds me of my grandma and grandad who recently passed away! thanks for bringing back good memories

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