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Soon it will be Dr Seuss week and today I wanted to share with you a super easy and fun Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Project.

I do love to share simple and easy DIY ideas and this is a fun craft you can make with the kids for to further their interest in books, reading and Dr Seuss.

This would also make a great World Book Day project. That’s for sure. We have plenty of Dr Seuss and Cat In the Hat themed activities here on The Inspiration Edit. You will love them! They are perfect for preschool and the classroom. 


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Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Activity For Kids

To make this simple cat in the hat project you won’t need many materials. As a thrifty blog, I love to share ideas that use very few materials or even recycled ones.

I hope you enjoy this Dr Seuss Craft Idea as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Materials

  • 3 large craft sticks
  • 13 small craft sticks
  • White pom poms
  • Red pom poms
  • Glue

How To Make This Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Craft

Using two large craft sticks as support, glue one large craft stick on the bottom, followed by 13 small craft sticks on top to form a hat.

Glue one row of white pom poms on the large craft stick, followed by a red row of pom poms. 


Alternate between rows of red pom poms and white pom poms until all of the craft stick base is covered.

It’s that simple.

Enjoy your Dr Seuss Day or World Book Day Craft idea.

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