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Caring For Dogs In Winter

Now that the warmer weather is behind us and the colder days are creeping in, it’s time to prepare your four-legged friend for the winter. Summer is a very busy time, with lots of safety factors to consider such as hot surfaces and dehydration, but the wintertime can be just as busy and it’s important to be just as prepared for the next season. We’ve got some useful tips to help you keep your dog safe and happy throughout the winter and to prevent any possible issues that could occur. 

Warmth is Key

Just like humans, dogs get cold too. Whilst they may have a thick coat to keep them slightly warmer, it’s still important to remember that they will feel the cold too, especially during the freezing winter days.

One of the best ways to keep your four-legged friend warm is to invest in a quality dog coat for them to wear out during their winter walks. Not only will a dog coat keep them warm and toasty, but it will also help to keep them dry if you happen to get caught out in the rain!

You can find a beautiful selection of dog coats online at Petwell, which we highly recommend due to the selection of reflective options (which are ideal when walking during the darker hours of the day).

Similarly, you want your dog to feel warm and cosy when at home too, so remember to keep the heating on at a nice temperature, ensure they have a cosy bed to snuggle up in and a soft blanket for them to lay with when the nights are a little colder. 

Winter Walkies

For many dogs, there’s nothing quite as fascinating as a snow-covered field ready to roll and play in, but the winter isn’t always as fun and exciting at this. You’ll find that many of your winter walks consist of wet, cold weather so you need to keep your dog engaged and interested in the walk itself. As mentioned before, it can become dark quite quickly during the wintertime, so it’s important to keep your dog on its lead when in unfamiliar places.

You may also want to invest in a reflective tag for their collar, so you can see where they are when they go off to explore the fields. Make sure your pets ID tag is also up to date and visible, as you don’t want to risk your dog wandering off and getting lost with no trace back to you.

When you head out in the snow, you don’t want to risk your dog’s paws or pads getting sore or damaged, so be sure to always wipe down their legs and feet when they come back into the house after a walk to remove any grit or dirt that could hurt them or cause irritation. 

Provide Entertainment

Keeping your dog interested during a cold wintery walk can be challenging, but with the right toys you can have some fun before heading back to your warm and cosy home. Invest in some bright, flashing balls for them to play fetch with, like these from Amazon, as not only will they engage your furbaby in playtime, but they’re also great for using in the dark.

Similarly, you might find it beneficial to take your dog to the local park at the busier times, when there are likely to be more dogs out on their walks too, as this will encourage them to play with other fur friends and burn off a little extra energy!

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