Car Seat Safety For Your Little Ones

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I remember my very first car journey with my daughter Sylvia after she was born. We had the car seat all ready and prepared. She looked adorable, was wrapped up all snuggly warm and ready to make the Journey home. I also recall the feelings of anxiety taking my precious cargo on the road for the first time and ensuring the car seat was strapped in safely was the main priority.

So how do you know if the car seat is safe when you’ve virtually never used one before? Well talk about the importance of installing car seats safely so you can have peace of mind when travelling with your little ones on the road. Wasn’t my little one adorable as a baby? Well I sure think so!

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So here are my top 5 tips for ensuring the car seat is safe for your little one.

Firstly I recommend reading the manual and learning how to secure your car seat in a safe and secure manner. You can often go online and watch a video too. Most car seat companies have video demonstrations so ensure you watch one or two to get fully aquainted with the seat our using.

Secondly ensure your using the correct car seat for your bay or child’s weight. There are different car seats for different weights and heights and making sure you have the correct one for your child is really important.

Third double check the safety belt is holding the car seat in place. Some times the seat may wobble and be loose. You want to ensure the seat is safe and secure.

Fourth keep your child in the back seat. Generally the back seat is the safest place in the event of a crash. For me I felt more comfortable keeping my baby in the back than the front. It gave me peace of mind.

Fifth, buy your car seat new. I know you can be tempted to use a second hand car seat and whilst I would be happy to borrow my sister’s car seat, I would not not want to get a car seat from a yard sale or car boot sale. You just can’t be sure the seat meets the current standards, therefore purchasing a new car seat is an investment in your child’s safety.

So here are my tips. Do you agree? How did you feel on your first trip with your child? What car seat would you recommend?

Angela Milnes

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