Car Safety Tricks for Your Toddler’s Happy Travelling

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Travelling on long routes is always fun, but when you have got a toddler on board, things might take a different turn. Your child may get restless after sitting in a car seat for an extended period, and may even become a bit cranky.

However, there is always a great solution for even the most horrible of situations. There are several different ways through which you can ensure the car safety of your toddlers while keeping things happy for them. 

Here are some of the most valuable and renowned tricks that have worked for most parents. Give them a try on your next car trip:

Keep Them Calm

Toddlers can sometimes be irritated by constantly sitting in the same spot, even if you have bought the best baby car seats in Australia. If your child is feeling agitated or has a meltdown, the best way to tackle the situation is to keep your voice neutral and try not to shout at them. Raising your voice can elevate the issue, which isn’t ideal – especially if you’ve still got a long way to go! 

Always try to keep your child calm during your car trip and distract them from any unfavourable situations.

Dress Accordingly

One of the main reasons why most toddlers feel uncomfortable or cranky during long road trips in the car is that they might be wearing clothes that are irritating them. 

Try to dress them in something comfortable and weather-appropriate, so that they can sit or sleep easily during the entire ride. 

Play Their Favourite Song 

One of the best and proven tricks to deal with a restless child is to play their favourite song on the car speaker. This can keep them entertained and occupied during long drives. If they’re having a meltdown, children normally respond well to a cheerful tune, particularly one they really like.

Try to sing along as well, which will make them happy despite them throwing a tantrum at that time. This can completely divert their attention to the song, and they might even forget about the discomfort of the car ride. 

If you’ve got their favourite food or snacks on board, letting them eat while enjoying the song can alleviate even the crankiest of moods.

Grin and Bear

Toddlers often throw a lot of tantrums, and travelling in a car often doesn’t help. If situations arise during the trip, try to keep yourself calm.

Keep your child’s favourite toy handy, or have them play a game as they look out the car window. Try singing to them or putting on their favourite movie, as many children can find this soothing.

If nothing works out, the only way is to carry on your trip with all that noise, and eventually, they might stop crying on their own.

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