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Last night Sylvia went on a daddy daughter date to watch Captain Marvel with her dad John. The movie was a huge hit and both Sylvia and my husband came home raving about how amazing the movie was. 

At Christmas I invested in a fantastic gift for John. I bought him a one year movie pass which has already been well worth the investment. It’s probably the best gift I could have purchased as he has used it enough times to cover the original cost. 

As for Sylvia I was able to purchase some children’s movie vouchers which she is using every few months and again it was well worth the purchase. Especially because movies can be so expensive and you don’t always have the cash to just go out and visit the cinema. 

Captain Marvel Doll And Movie Review

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Captain Marvel Movie And Captain Marvel Doll

So Sylvia and John went to watch Captain Marvel. I love that this movie came out on International Women’s day and it was about a female Super Hero. 

What makes it even more fun is that Hasbro sent out a fantastic Captain Marvel Doll which John gave to Sylvia at the movies and surprised her with.

Sylvia was so super pleased. She has been playing with dolls recently and now she has another to add to her collection. 

Key Features Of The Captain Marvel Doll

The Captain Marvel Doll is pretty awesome. It comes dressed in the Captain Marvel costume and is 11.5 inches in scale. The Key Features include:

  • 5 Point articulation
  • Posable Doll
  • Includes a set of boots
  • removable belt
  • 2 blast accessories
  • rooted hair

The Captain Marvel doll costs £12.99 and is available in a number of stores such as Argos, Toy stores and on Amazon. 

The doll has 5 points of articulation and can make dynamic poses. The Doll has rooted blonde hair and has removable boots.

We Love The Captain Marvel Doll

Sylvia loves her new doll. It’s recommended for kids over 6 years of age and goes well alongside the movie Captain Marvel and the up and coming movie Avenger Infinity War. 

That’s another movie Sylvia and John plan to watch! 

The movie is according to my family amazing. I have not been well enough to go out for the past few weeks so will wait for the movie to come out on Sky and then we can watch it again as a family. 

Until then Sylvia can enjoy her new Hasbro Captain Marvel Doll and have plenty of fun re-enacting the scenes from the movie. 


Angela x

*We were gifted the Avengers Captain Marvel Doll From Hasbro! 


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