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Holidays are so precious. Having time together as a family away from work and school is so important so it’s important to make the most of the time available. While spending your time off with the right people is often more important than where you spend it, it can be good to change your holiday habits from time to time.

Lots of people choose to spend every holiday they can at the beach, soaking in the sun and swimming in the sea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but after years of doing it, it could become a little boring. If you’re one of these people who is finding that beach holidays are becoming repetitive, you could consider a campervan holiday.

Campervan holidays offer some great advantages, particularly when traveling as a family and here are some examples to get you in the mood for your next getaways.

Being able to cook for yourself

While doing the cooking when on holiday may not sound like an advantage to some, as a parent it can be really beneficial. Being able to cook something you know your child is going to eat compared to going out to a restaurant and hoping there will be something on the menu they want is much easier.

Also if your child has any food allergies or intolerances, cooking for yourself allows you to control their diet. Campervans often have cooking facilities built in which means you can cook for yourself when you like and eat out when you don’t feel like it. This is also a great way of saving money on holiday.

campervan holiday ideas

Your transport is built in

One of the great advantages to campervan hire is that you always have a set of wheels with you to get where you want to go. This could mean going to see local attractions or just driving from your campsite into town to pick up some shopping.

You can always choose to use local public transport and often if you don’t know the area it could be better to do so, but just having the ability to drive when you need to, is a really great benefit to campervan holidays.

It’s easy to set up

Camping can be fun but the work to set up and pack up can take a lot of the fun away, particularly if it’s raining! Parking a campervan on a campsite is great as you do not have the hassle of putting up a tent, or dealing with a wet one when you leave.

Often the only set up needed is plugging in the electric supply and filling up the water container and you’re all done. This leaves more time to enjoy your holiday and spend time with your loved ones.

campervan holiday ideas

Storage space

Campervan holidays provide you with an excellent opportunity to bring items back for your family and friends as the storage facilities on offer in a campervan are far greater than if you simply went on holiday and could only take a suitcase.

While you could bring more clothing options away with you, I think it’s nicer to leave some space to bring things home as having mementoes of your time away is a lovely way to remember your holiday.


One of the biggest benefits of a campervan holiday is that it allows you the flexibility to move to different campsites quickly. If you really want to see a different area or you just don’t like the one you have been staying on, booking and then moving to a new site is so easy. As mentioned above, packing up and leaving a site is very easy and then it’s just how long a drive it is to your next stop.

Booking a space in advance is always advisable as you don’t want to arrive somewhere you would like to stay, only to be told there is no space and you are left with no alternative. But as long as you stay on top of your planning, campervan holidays can be really flexible and exciting.

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