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Buying A Brilliant Bento Box For School

I have always loved the idea of the Bento Box and today I’m sharing a review of the perfect Bento Box for school by Stuck On You.

One of the things I love about the Bento box is that you can add lot’s of variety to a lunch box and keep the items separated.

As an early years teacher over 15 years ago, I recall a little boy called Toby. Every day his mother would send in a healthy lunch which was clearly very different to the lunches of the the other kids.

Toby would have lots of chopped up fruit, carrot sticks, cucumber and tomatoes. He had healthy snacks and treats and their was always so much variety. Whilst Toby had a super healthy lunch, it all came wrapped up in cling film.

Back then I had never heard of a Bento box and not one parent used them. Today however, I do see the Bento box a lot more and even see fantastic and fun Bento box lunch ideas.

So as you can imagine, I was thrilled this week to order a brand new personalised Bento Box for my daughter from Stuck On You. I also ordered a lunch box cooling bag which is fantastic and a personalised drinking bottle.

Stuck On You have a brilliant range of Back To School products that can be personalised for your child and they are of great quality.

I am super pleased as is Sylvia to have a Bento box and new lunch gear for the start of year six in September. What I love about the Bento box from Stuck on you is the number of compartments. Their are 5 handy compartments but a section for yoghurt/dip or sauce.

The compartments have labels to help you create a balanced meal for your child and ensure you provide a combination of grains, protein, fruit, vegetables and dairy.You can buy a separate insert with different style compartments that allows for a sandwich, however I preferred the 5 compartment tray.

Stuck On You have a large variety of designs for lunch boxes, with various colours and options. I chose a green lunch box for Sylvia and an Avacado design. There are pink girly designs which are super cute however Sylvia is now hitting her final year of primary before high school. I expect this lunch box to last a number of years and so we went with a design that would be suitable at high school.

The lunch box cooler bag is really impressive. This can help keep a meal fresh especially in the summer months and has a separate zip lock section within the case. I love the look and it’s the perfect size for the bento box.

Finally we have a fantastic strong drink bottle. This is a Monogram Drink Bottle which BPA free and made from food grade stainless steel. We chose a 500ml white bottle with my daughter’s Initial, the letter S on it. This is a easy to drink from bottle and has a pop up lid with a plastic cap which can be replaced if worn and damaged.

I love the Bento box and lunch accessories we ordered from Stuck On You and I love that we were able to personalise them specifically how Sylvia wanted them. She is excited to start using them in the new school year.

Angela x

*These products were gifted*.


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