Buying The Best Family Car

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Buying The Best Family Car

Buying the perfect car for your family isn’t an easy task, even if you have a large budget, how can you be sure that you have made the right choice? There isn’t a single vehicle that can tick all of the boxes because each family is unique. However, it is possible to narrow down those choice by looking at some frequently asked questions. Here we look at some points that should at least allow you to choose a vehicle that covers most bases as far as your family is concerned.

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Body style?

In terms of spacious vehicles for families, you are looking at 3 options:

  • Estate cars – these have an abundance of space and there are bargains to be had, especially with second hand models. Typically, these are hatchback cars with an extra long body size. They offer great storage and lots of legroom. Although the length of the cart may cause an issue for some less than confident drivers.
  • MPVs– Also known as people carriers, these are very popular nowadays and are excellent for storage and the heightened ride offers great visibility. On the downside, the style isn’t for everyone and they do look rather boxy.
  • SUVs – Again, these are very popular for families now and there is a huge variation of choice out there. Usually equipped with 4-wheel drive, these are probably the safest option from this group.

Seating space

If you have 2 or 3 kids, then you will be only too aware that interior space is a premium that needs to be considered. Compared to a standard car like a VW Jetta, some of these family style vehicles offer stadium seating options. This can be extremely useful for larger families and it is really easy to install child car seats. The rear seats are higher than they are in the front, so your kids can get a proper view of the road ahead, this helps to reduce car sickness.

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Passenger airbag

Although these are a safety feature, they can be dangerous when you have a rear-facing child car seat fitted in the front. By turning these off, you are reducing the risk of a nasty outcome should the airbag be activated. Of course, you will need to reactivate the device once your child seat has been removed. Some cars do not have this option so always check before deciding.

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Safety ratings

You should always check these out before buying a family car, in fact it is worth using these guides before drawing up a short list of vehicles to go and see. If you are torn between that Jeep Liberty or another SUV, do a little online research to see which one is the safest for you and your family. Whatever country you are living in, there will be some form of safety ratings that vehicle manufacturers need to adhere to. So, familiarise yourself with these and use them as a yardstick from which to narrow down that choice of family vehicles.

As we’ve already mentioned, choosing the best family car for you isn’t going to be easy but at least these tips will help you to make the right choice.


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