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Buying my first second hand car was an interesting experience. I was in my early twenties and wanted to ensure I had a steady and reliable vehicle to get me to University and back.

Buying a second hand car was the only option for me. I didn’t have the cash to pay for a brand new car and so I spoke to my father for tips and advice. Today I’m sharing some of my own thoughts on why buying a second hand car is a fantastic option.

Second Hand Cars Are Cheaper

It’s a fact that a second hand car is going to be much cheaper than purchasing a care brand new. Although my first car, (a Honda) was second hand, it felt new to me. The car was fully conditioned and had been looked after well.

My new car looked fantastic both on the inside and out and was a fraction of what I would have paid, had I bought my trusty second hand car brand new.

Although the car still cost a significant amount, it lasted over 10 years. I bought the car from a car sales yard rather which gave me a security that if something were to go wrong the car would be fixed.

Finding A Better Second Hand Car

The advantage of purchasing my secondhand car from a Motor group was that I could visit a number of locations and look for the car that would best suit my needs and look the way I wanted.

The way a car looks is important to me. I have a certain style and colour I prefer to go for.

Preferences For Your Used Car

My husband on the other hand has his own preferences when it comes to purchasing a used car. He will always look for a manual and much prefers a diesel car to petrol. We also look for a car with a large boot big enough for my wheelchair.

Everyone will have specific and individual needs when buying a used car, parents may need space for car seats and pushchairs, others may have a different focus. Either way, it’s good to get support when looking for a second hand car.

Do you need help buying a second hand car in Brighton? If so then you can visit KAP Motor’s website or your nearest branch and they will be sure to help you find your right fir.

Less Tax For Second Hand Cars

When you buy a second hand car, you’re not going to have to pay out as much sales tax. The same principle also works for Road Tax. The older the car, the more likely the road tax will be reduced along with your car insurance costs.


Buying a second hand car can be better on the wallet than a brand new car and you can still get a fantastic deal and a wonderful vehicle for a fraction of the price.

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