Business Tips for Moms Who Sell Handmade Crafts

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Having a side hustle and being a mom is no easy feat, but it definitely can be done. If you’ve been thinking of taking your crafting hobby a little bit more seriously, then this blog is for you.

It has lots of tips on how to improve your small business experience, allowing you to bring in a little extra money while doing something you love.

Regardless of how much experience you have, you’ll feel much more confident in providing every customer with the best quality of service while being an amazing mom to your kids.

Make Payments as Easy as Possible

These days, fewer and fewer people are carrying cash, so you might find it difficult to make sales on your crafts stall if you aren’t using a payment processing app. This acts just like a card reader on your phone and helps you to sell to more customers than before. If you’re selling primarily online, then try to offer multiple ways for customers to pay on your website.

This means offering both debit and credit card options as well as services like PayPal and Klarna.

While these payment providers will take a fee, it can be worth partnering with them as a small business if customers feel hesitant about inputting their card details into your website.

Create Clear Invoices

Invoices not only help customers to understand what they’ve purchased and how much they need to pay, but they’ll also allow you to keep careful financial records.

You’ll need all this information when tax time rolls around, so make sure you’re including VAT charges on your invoices (if applicable).

If you’re mostly selling your handmade goods in person, then it’s always nice to give your customers a professional-looking receipt. There are lots of templates online that you can make use of.

Invest in Marketing

It can be really hard to get the word out there when starting a new venture and once all your friends and family have shown their support, it might feel like you’re at a bit of a dead-end.

Investing in digital marketing such as social media and SEO can make all the difference to your sales, so don’t be afraid of spending some time and money on boosting your online presence. If you’re not sure how to start, do a couple of online courses or reach out to a professional for some advice.

Get Your Kids Involved

Kids love to help their parents with just about any task, so try to give them a role in your small business too. Not only will this warm the hearts of your audience, but you’ll be able to have some much-needed family bonding time too.

The tasks you give your kids don’t have to be big, it could be as simple as sorting sequins by color or squeezing paint into containers.

If your crafts involve sewing or knitting, get your kids started on their own creations and spread the joy of creativity with them.

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