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Today in The Inspiration Edit we have a fabulous new toy to share. It’s the Brio Cogwheel puzzle which is a brilliant activity for little ones aged 2 and over.

Brio Cogwheel Puzzle Review

The Brio Cogwheel Puzzle is excellent for helping kids develop fine motor skills whilst problem solving and working out which cog to place on which peg.

The puzzle board is full of pegs that you can connect the cogs to. You can either add cogs to the circular pegs on one side of the board of match the shapes from the cogs to the shapes on each peg.

The Brio Cogwheel puzzle has 9 cogs and these can be placed on the board to create a pattern which can be turned once all the cogs are in place.

As an early years teacher, I see a lot of educational value in this toy in addition to the fun and enjoyment little ones can get from playing with the cog puzzle. It’s a great way to teach basic shapes and can be a good way to teach colours. In particular this board could be used to help a child which speech therapy needs.

I’m really impressed with the Brio Cogwheel puzzle and love that I can add this to my collection of educational and fun toys for kids. It’s a fantastic toy and one I’d recommend.

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