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Brilliant School Trips And A Youth Football Tour

Barcelona Football stadium

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Brilliant School Trips And Youth Football Tour

When I was a child I remember going on a fantastic school trip to Scout Dike and a brilliant football tour. Scout Dike was the best school trip I ever went on. We spent a whole week doing activities from hiking to pond dipping to wall climbing. It was fantastic and a great adventure.

Now as a mother I’ve just heard that my daughter Sylvia has the opportunity to go on her own school adventure for the week and I’m really excited for her. However I was quite shocked when I heard how much the trip would cost. It’s not the usual £10-15. The great news is, her school trip is not until October, and so we can make small affordable payments each month to ensure she has a place and can enjoy the experience with her classmates.

I really think holiday experiences through school, groups or youth clubs are fantastic learning opportunities. I was fortunate to go on plenty of camping type holidays with my parents while growing up but the one thing I always wanted to try out was skiing.

ski trip

My family didn’t really go on skiing trips so when the opportunity came to go skiing at high school I jumped at the chance, earned the money through a part time job and went on the trip of a lifetime. It was an amazing experience and one I shall never forget.

Going on a school holiday or a youth sports tour can be an amazing experience. My father didn’t really ever go on school trips with me as a child but once when the school arranged a tour of the Barnsley Football stadium, dad came along and it was brilliant.

Barcelona Football stadium

I’m really excited for Sylvia. I think she is going to love her school adventure when she is in year five and it’s going to be a great opportunity for developing new skills, having different experiences and taking part in team building activities. I think outdoors experiences such as wall climbing and hiking can have real educational value and these type of activities are great for building confidence and self esteem.

Barcelona Football stadium

I also think going on trips to see football games and visit stadiums can be really exciting. My special needs brother recently went to visit the Manchester United Stadium Old Trafford. He also went to visit Barcelona in Spain which was an amazing opportunity.

Barcelona Football stadium

It was an amazing experience for him as he is soccer mad and a few months ago he went on a trip to Barcelona to visit the Barcelona Stadium, Camp Nou.

Barcelona Football stadium

This was the highlight of my brother’s year and he is still talking about it months later. Barcelona and Manchester United Stadiums both had Museums which were fantastic to visit and are in my opinion fun and interesting experiences for the football enthusiast.

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  1. I home school my children and love hearing about new ideas for travel so we can explore the world and learn through play. What an excellent documentation of your trip!

  2. I’m excited for your daughter to go on school trips! I think they are a great chance for kids to experience something that they’re not used to, something not in the norm. I loved all of the trips that I went on as a youth!

  3. There’s nothing better than giving the kids a chance to visit places and explore. Experience is the best gift that we can give them, that’s for sure! I think these are brilliant!

  4. Wow, I’m sure that visiting Camp Nou must be super- exciting for FC Barcelona fan! I like all your other trip ideas too!:)

  5. I Went on a school trip to Paris and absolutely loved it.and can still remember the fun we hsd even though it was over 40 years ago. My son would absolutley love a soccer camp holiday Awsome idea.

  6. I wish my kids school offered something like this. A trip to other parts of the country would be amazing and teach so much.

  7. I do love going on trip and am excited for my daughter that she is starting to go on these trips with her school. I’m also sure they are much more expensive than when I was a kid.

  8. Can a parent or nanny could go with their kids for the school trip? I mean sometimes parents cant compromise their kids safety.

  9. Lucky kid… we never had school trips that lasted more than a few hours.. a visit to a zoo or museum or skyscraper in Chicago. In High School we had clubs where students planned ski trips or camping weekends but nothing for an entire class.

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