Breathe in the Relaxing Beauty of the Breathing Earth Resort

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Experience unparalleled relaxation of the Breathing Earth Resort when planning a trip to Diamond Harbour. Away in the serene cove, set against rolling hills, this calming property is the perfect place to escape and unwind. Enjoy the marvel of our infinity pools that offer a stunning view of the valley. Revel in the beauty of our lush gardens as well. 

Embrace all the outdoor activities available. Rejoice in the sense of solace and comfort that the resort offers. So, while visiting this beautiful place, make sure to book a room at the Breathing Earth Resort!

Accommodations at the Breathing Earth Resort

1. Elite Suite 

The resort boasts a range of luxurious Elite Suites. Sitting atop the pleasing landscape, these plush and vast rooms all have private balconies, king-size beds, and a variety of modern services such as a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and a mini-refrigerator. 

The breathtaking views from the suites make it all the more delightful. The elegant bathrooms include a deep soaking tub and a rain shower. Further, guests can make use of the resort’s complimentary laundry service and 24-hour room service 

2. Valley View Room 

The gorgeous Valley View Rooms at the Resort offers spectacular views of the lush surrounding valleys. Each room offers then amenities that ensure a comfortable stay such as a luxurious king-size bed, air conditioning, a mini-fridge, a writing desk, and free Wi-Fi. 

Further, these rooms also have access to a private balcony for guests to enjoy the tranquil landscape of the region. 

3. Pool Villas 

The Resort features a collection of exclusive pool villas that promise a luxurious stay. At 600 square feet, each villa features a private plunge pool with temperature control, a mini-bar, and a veranda. 

4. Family Package 

The Resort has an amazing family package that ensures that every family member has a great time. The package includes accommodation in one of the resort’s exclusive pool villas and access to its top-class facilities. 

The package also includes a complimentary breakfast spread for the entire family which consists of sumptuous local delicacies. 

5. Group Accommodation 

The Resort offers an array of accommodations perfect for a group stay. Guests can select from the list of swanky rooms and villas, each one uniquely designed with modern amenities including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and satellite TVs. 

To make the stay even more exclusive and pleasurable, group activities such as cooking classes, sightseeing tours, and private dining can be organized during the stay. Experience a unique stay with your loved ones at the Resort!

6. Luxury Villa 

The Resort boasts of having luxurious Villas for the convenience of travellers. Every Villa is provided with a private plunge pool and veranda so that visitors can relish in their solace. 

The rooms are decorated elegantly, integrated with temperature control, a mini-bar, and a flat-screen television with satellite channels. On top of that, guests can readily jump into the resort’s indoor and outdoor pool, spa, and fitness centre with no hindrance.

7. Divine Suite 

The Divine Suite of the Resort offers a truly luxurious experience with a private pool. Paying guests are provided lavish amenities like a king-sized bed, air conditioning, a mini-bar, and Wi-Fi. 

Dining and lounging areas are exclusively accessible. Along with that, the suite permits entry to a private pool with sunbeds and a Jacuzzi.

8. Presidential Suite 

The Resort offers its esteemed customers the Presidential Suite for them to experience opulence. To maximize the comfort of the guests, this enormous Suite is equipped with the latest amenities, such as air conditioning, temperature control, a mini-bar, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. 

Furthermore, it also has its own exclusive private pool and garden view veranda. Additionally, it also provides a lavish separate lounge and dining area to the customers.

9. Executive Suite 

The luxurious Executive Suite at the Resort is especially meant for those seeking a high-quality stay. It treats clients to a range of superb amenities, including air conditioning, temperature regulation, a mini-bar, flat-screen TV with satellite connections, and a private pool and balcony. 

Furthermore, the Suite also features its own special lounge and dining area, for a truly exclusive experience.

Benefits of Vacationing at the Breathing Earth Resort

1. The Resort is a tranquil sanctuary for those in need of some rest and refreshment. Unwind with a luxurious spa session or tantalize your taste buds with fine dining. Vacationers can also step out to explore the villages, lakes, forests, and mountains surrounded. 

2. The main reasons you should vacation at Breathing Earth Resort are that it is a perfect place for detoxifying the body. The resort’s unique and holistic spa experience helps to restore the body to its natural balance, reducing stress and fatigue. Furthermore, the natural atmosphere of the resort offers a chance to connect with nature, resulting in a sense of peace and tranquillity. 

3. Vacationers at the resort can savour a diverse array of activities. They can opt for outdoor sports like hiking, biking, and sailing. Staying indoors is also made pleasurable with options such as yoga, Reiki, and meditation. Assistance from professionals is offered in case someone desires to get the most out of the experience.

4. The Resort is an ideal destination for food lovers. The Resort is proud to have a luxurious dining room serving local specialties. In addition, the Resort also offers a special al fresco dining area where one can savoury fresh pizzas and other delicious meals. Guests can enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding landscape along with the tasty food.

5. Vacations present a wonderful chance to take a break from the relentless rush of the hectic daily routine and ponder upon life. The tranquil atmosphere of a resort invokes a sense of nostalgia while the stunning scenery serves as a source of motivation and uplifts the mood. It is a perfect opportunity to glance backward at the past and envision the promising future.


The Breathing Earth Resort is an amazing place of peace; an amazing backdrop. This resort can mesmerize visitors with its beauty and stillness. It is surrounded by vibrant greenery and luxuriant lodgings. This unique place brings a special opportunity to the visitors. 

They are welcome to ditch their daily life and give in to relaxation here in the natural environment. Every single breath you take in here gives an exhilarating feeling that will stay with you even after you have left. 

Visit the Resort and make sure never to forget the munificence and enticement of this extraordinary vacation spot.

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