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May has been a bit of a crazy month so far and so I thought I’d simply write an update on what’s been going on and continue my record about life which I really do enjoy writing about from time to time. 

Breast Cancer

Yes, It’s the dreaded C word. I really do hate cancer and the impact it has played on friends and family. My husband John lost his lovely mother Susan Milnes to breast cancer when he was only 15 years old. 

Several of my friends have battled breast cancer over the years and now it is the turn of my dear grandmother. Whilst I won’t be going into all the details what I will say is that grandma had to have an operation last week to remove the cancer and thankfully the operation went well with no complications. 

I’ve spent the week in Yorkshire, helping my grandma the best I can. It’s not easy because I am unwell myself but I’ve paced myself and with the support of friends I have helped to manage grandma’s drain, sort her medications each day, warm up the meals and do the things that have needed doing. 

If I didn’t have chronic health issues myself, I would have had more energy to cook meals and clean but the reality is I seriously have to pace myself to get through each day and thankfully we have had lovely friends cook meals each day to help out. 

Most of my family live in New Zealand and with grandpa passing away last year, I could not leave my grandmother to go through this ordeal on her own. It’s not only physically draining, but cancer has a huge emotional and psychological impact. It’s not something you want to go through on your own and we are all still grieving from losing grandpa not so long ago. 

I guess illness and disease often comes with old age but having family around sure does make it more bearable. 

I’m really pleased with the support my grandma has had from the NHS since she discovered she has breast cancer. She has a lot of information, a nurse who visits her regular and we have a phone number we can call if we have any problems. 

Whilst I am very pleased with the support available, I am left a little disappointed with the “unbalanced” support available from the NHS for different health conditions. 

When I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency (a life threatening condition), there was very little support, no information and the support continues to be lacking 6 years later. I continue to suffer poor health daily and have to monitor my health very carefully to prevent adrenal crisis and death. 

I realise that cancer is much more “well known” than my illness and there are a lot of charities who fund research and help support those diagnosed with the disease. Therefore it makes sense to me why the support for those suffering from cancer is as good as it is. It’s a positive thing to see and I’m glad my grandma is getting great support. 

Everyone deserves the best care and support when diagnosed with a serious condition and I hope that one day more can be done to help those with Adrenal Insufficiency. It’s just going to take time. 

At the end of the day, I would not wish poor health on anyone. 

A Suspicious Death – My Neighbour Died

Whilst staying in Yorkshire I received an interesting call from my husband John to tell me that our neighbour had died. Our neighbour was a pain in the bum. He was often drunk, played music way too loud and often got into fights when his girlfriend when she came over to stay. The noise, thumping and banging would usually keep us awake at night. 

Despite the loud music, the cigarette smoke that seeped through the walls and the regular fights, it was sad to hear that our neighbour had passed away. 

What was strange however was the fact that our neighbour had died two months ago. His body has been sitting in his lounge for almost eight weeks decomposing. In fact, when the body was discovered by our neighbour’s friend, my husband was asked to call the Police.

Now what is strange to us is the fact our neighbour has been dead for so long, yet someone has been clearly visiting the house in the past few weeks. The lights have been turned on and off and music has been playing. 

It seems strange that someone would visit our neighbour’s home and spend time in the property without telling anyone that our neighbour had died or even doing anything about it.

That is totally dodgy and we are left wondering what on earth happened. I guess we may find out in time. 

So that is what’s been going on this past week. There is much more happening and hopefully I will find the time to write more but this is my update for now.