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The Bowling Green Charnock Richard A Review

Last week was my birthday and so we went to The Bowling Green Charnock Richard for a family meal. I’d heard great things about The Bowling Green, particularly about their Carvery meals and so we were excited to go and test this out as a family.

bowling green charnock richard

Upon arrival we were given the option to eat in a quiet area or the children’s area. We opted for the quiet area. There are several dining sections at The Bowling Green and our section was really lovely. We had a peaceful clean area, with beautiful decor, art and vases which added to a elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

bowling green charnock richard

We went to the Carvery to choose our meals. There was a choice of Beef, Turkey, Gammon or Pork. There was a huge amount of vegetables, different types of potatoes and mash and some really big Yorkshire puddings. Sylvia and I opted for small plates and my husband went for a standard. The Carvery had different gravies and condiments including a delicious cranberry sauce.

bowling green charnock richard

The Bowling Green is recently refurbished and has a fantastic children’s section which Sylvia really enjoyed playing in after her meal. I was really impressed with all the games and toys and things the kids could do and it’s really a place you enjoy with little ones or just with adults.

happy birthday

The most amazing part I thought was the Desserts. I could not get over how delicious they looked and they were really decadent.


I have to be honest after our Carvery meals and drinks we were really full up and hardly had any space for dessert, although Sylvia really wanted to try out the bubble gum Ice cream.


I took plenty of photos of the desserts and cakes. It was my birthday and so we opted to have a cake a way instead. This is where you can buy a take to take home and eat later.


Choosing which cake to have was not easy as they all looked so delicious. I liked the look of the Forrero Rocher cake the best. John liked the look of the Tofee and Waffle cake.


the Ice cream also looked pretty amazing and looked so tempting. I think we may have to go back one day simply for an ice cream date. Sylvia would love that.


Our night out was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. The food was great and I’d love to go back again in the coming weeks as it’s the best Carvery I’ve been to in the Chorley area.

Angela x

bowling green charnock richard