Featuring Women’s Footwear-the Top 4 Boot Trends for the Fall Season

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Stash away all your slippers, sandals, strappy heels and wedges as it’s that time of the year where you make room from the coolest footwear-chunky boots. Fall and winter seasons allow you to channel your inner fashionista with layering of different styles of clothing, pairing them up with chunky or combat boots and adding super cool and cozy accessories like scarves, hats, mufflers and of course leggings. 

People love to pair their winter clothes whether formal or day-to-day with chunky style boots. Even though boots come in so many styles, designs, lengths, heights and materials, the bigger and more solid sole that provides stability under the foot, adds a couple of inches to increase the height, boost the confidence and correct the posture are the best ones. Chunky boots perfectly fits these requirements as the term chunky consolidates all the shoes that have large, heavy soles.

Fall of 2023 is just around the corner so if your wardrobe isn’t fall ready, we are here to help you out. The easiest, effortless and chic way of transitioning into fall mode is by wearing fall-approved shoes. This is the perfect time to upgrade your shoes collection by buying pieces that easily substitute the strappy heels and delicate sandals with boots

Fall shoes come in a great range which is not only applicable to fall but can be easily used for winter wardrobe as well as for early spring wardrobe so it’s an investment you won’t regret! Chunky boots, ankle booties, sneakers, track shoes, platform heels, pumps and loafers are all very much in style this year as well. 

Boot Trends For The Fall Season

This is the best thing I find about shoes, unlike clothing that can go out of style pretty quickly, a good pair of shoes will always stay relevant if they pair well with the outfit. 

If you have landed on this page it means you are already in love with boots and want to find out the latest trends that will take this fall/winter season by storm. So let’s get you fall ready and give you a heads up on the top 3 boot trends set to rule 23/24 fall/winter season. 

Top 4 Boot Trends Set to Rule the Fall Season

Biker Boots

Not only are biker shorts so much in vogue but also the biker boots have made waves in the fashion world. Biker boots have been a runway staple but now they have paved their way to the closets of women of all ages and all fields of life. 

If you are looking for boots that will be your go-to whenever you are stepping out of the house then biker boots are your answer, they are super cool, trendy, not-very-common yet comfortable, warm and provide a solid traction. 

You can dress them up with almost all the clothes, be it daily wear dresses like jeans, skirts, shorts or pants or semi-formal attire like skirts, dresses and slip dresses. But my favorite way to rock biker boots is with a leather jacket and mini skirt. 

Platform Boots

You may write off these boots as not comfortable, not for the faint-hearted, very restricted in terms of styling and a bit over the top but trust me, the fall/winter of 23/24 is all about challenging yourself and channeling the golden era of fashion-90s! Platform boots not only add a few extra inches to your stature but also give you confidence, model-like gait and boss-lady vibe that is palpable to everyone. 

You can opt for the classic black platform boots in ankle style or under the knee style. These can be worn with long coats and mini dresses, jeans, skirts and midi length outfits as well. But if you are a true fashion diva, I suggest going for the color of the season which is bright pink.

Combat Boots

If you’re looking for a style of boots that are more on the practical side but still doesn’t compromise a lot on style then combat boots are the perfect choice for you. Initially designed for the army people, these boots have now left a mark on everyone due to their sturdy exterior, warm interior and overall cool vibe. 

If you have an old pair of these boots, you can resurrect them by polishing them and if needed, changing their laces. Wear these boots with your jeans and tee, cardigans, rib knits even with your athleisure for an absolutely comfy and cool look. 

Block Heel Boots

Block heeled boots tick all the boxes that a boot should tick off- they provide height, comfort, warmth, grip, easy pull on and take off and allows you to walk in them all day long without feeling tired. 

The block heeled boots are perfect for your evening time head outs as they can be worn perfectly well with dresses and semi-formal attire and may even with formal outfits. Wearing them with mini or midi dresses for the ultimate fashion forward look.  

Knee-High Heeled Boots

A tall knee high boot with pointed toe and slim heel is the perfect formal fall/winter shoe. This pair of shoes is sometimes all that you need to turn-heads, stop a party and become the star of the show. 

Available in a classic black as well as in some funky hues like pink and yellow to further solidify your presence. The knee high length will allow you to wear skirts, short, mini dresses as well as dresses with thigh-high slits. For the fall/winter, this boot is a classic must-have and you need that in your closet.  You can also consider some Chelsea boots from Blundstone as an excellent alternative for the same outfit ideas.

Over the Knee Block Heeled Boots

Over the knee boots are a recurring trend from several decades and its back once again. The reason for the love received by this shoe is the amount of warmth and coziness it provides while giving you the freedom to wear dresses of any sizes. The blocked heels make these shoes an everyday option.


Fall/winter are extensive and cold but they are also full of options, opportunities and fashion trends. If you want to make a powerful style statement then choose the correct foot wear this fall like chunky boots.

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