Boosting Your Everyday Inspiration and Creativity

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When all is said and done, who doesn’t love the idea of living an energised, inspired, and creative life? The kind of life where each day contains some magic, and where your hobbies and your career motivate and interest you?

Unfortunately, rather than feeling inspired and creative on an everyday basis, many people instead find themselves feeling chronically jaded, exhausted, and lacking inspiration. Not only does this not help to support feelings of wellbeing and happiness, but it’s not likely to be ideal for your ability to be effective at your job, either.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for boosting your everyday inspiration and creativity.

Get More and Better Sleep

Sleep is immensely important, and it has the ability to completely transform any individual’s ability to engage with life in an energetic, inspired and creative manner. But sleep also has a tremendous effect on overall health.

Unfortunately, too many people routinely get significantly less sleep than they need, or end up getting poor quality sleep, due to a wide range of potential factors that span all the way from too much stress and caffeine consumption during the day, to too much bright light in the evenings and not enough time in bed.

It certainly doesn’t help that lots of people willingly cut back on their sleep in order to make more time for things like evening entertainment.

By taking practical steps to improve your sleep, such as researching high quality mattresses and perhaps using a tool to get matched with one that suits your needs, you can radically transform how you feel and perform each day, in many different dimensions of your life.

Inspiration and creativity flow much more freely, and in a much healthier way, if you are rested and are living in balance. When you are exhausted, inspiration and creativity can really suffer.

Find Regular Opportunities for Silence

The idea of spending regular periods of time in “silence” is the kind of thing that is very likely to not appeal to many individuals, not least of all because it can sound really boring.

When you look into the behaviours and reflections of many great, intuitive, and inspired figures throughout history, however — ranging from mystics and poets to inventors — you’ll see that being constantly bombarded by noise and distractions is by no means likely to be a good thing when it comes to fostering creative insight.

Creativity and inspiration need to well up from that intuitive place we all have deep within us, and if you never pause, slow down, and detach from the literal and metaphorical noise that surrounds all of us so much of the time, you are likely to really struggle to draw from that deep inner well.

Keep Your Curiosity Alive and Absorb Interesting Stories and Bits of Trivia

A big part of nourishing creativity is simply maintaining a curious and enthusiastic outlook on the world at large.

When you are constantly listening to and absorbing interesting new stories and bits of trivia, you are likely to bring up many associations in your own mind, and to feel more inspired and creative as a result.

Make sure to always nurture your sense of interest in life and the world at large.

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