Book Review the Rise of the Watadventurers

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 The Rise Of The WatAdventurers by Richard D Lawman and Kate Williams:  A Collaboration. 

Last week Sylvia received a new book in the mail called Sylvia is Blue Fox, From the sewer to the stars, The Rise Of The WatAdvenuturers. Today we are sharing our review of this eco-friendly children’s book and our thoughts on the content.

A Personalised Kids Book

The Rise of the WatAdeventurers us a personalized children’s book that places your child in the centre of the action. Based on a global gang of action heroes, your child will travel on an action-packed eco-adventure fighting fake news, bad guys, and those intent on destroying planet earth. 

I love that this book is personalized to include my child in the story and that makes it a little more special. When Sylvia received her book she was surprised to see she was the main action hero. You can choose the character and add your name making the book super personalized. 

Teaching Kids to Be Eco-Friendly

This hard back book is a great resource to help teach children about the importance of protecting the earth. There are a number of stories, activities and pages which teach different topics. For example the book talks about waste disposal, water pollution, air pollution, climate change, deforestation and the draining of natural resources. 

I love that the actual book is made with sustainably forested paper and think that demonstrates the importance of reading and protecting the environment at the same time. 

Fun How To’s and Drawing Sections 

The highlight of this children’s book for my daughter were the fun how to sections and the drawing section. Sylvia loves art and loves to draw and within this WhatAdventurers book there are some really fun how to’s. 

One section teaches how to draw the characters Buster, Sirius and Jiblets. Another section of the book teaches kids how to sneak like a pro and there is even a practical guide to building a bedroom recycling centre. This came at the perfect timing as my daughter has just started showing an interest in recycling different materials. 

I particularly like the page “Be Kind To Your Mind” which teaches how to make a mind diary and promotes mindfulness and taking time out to think and consider your feelings. This is a great tool to teach kids and can be really useful in creating critical thinkers for the future. 

The Whatadventurers – Images and Illustrations

This WhatAdventurers book has some lovely illustrations and I really like the cute animal characters. When I asked my daughter on her thoughts, she said she liked the comic strips and the colour scheme throughout the book. I also like the hardback book cover and think this would make a nice gift for a child. 

This is a great book for empowering young people to make a difference in the world and has a clear message about the importance of looking after the world in which we live. 

This book can be personalised to your child and retails for £24.99 in hardback or £22.99 in softback. We like the hardback version and think it is great. 

A Competition: Win a Free Copy of Watadventurers

Would you like to win your own copy of this fantastic children’s book? If so then all you need to do is enter the rafflecopter below.

I’d love you to share why you would like to win this book.

The competition closes on the 18th November at 12am and one winner will be randomly selected on FB live. 

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I’d love to here your thoughts on this fabulous book. Are you teaching the kids to be eco-friendly? 


*The is a collaborative post*

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  1. What a great concept this is for a book, it sounds really fun to read and I am sure any child who receives it would simply adore it. It would make agreat christmas present personalised for a special child.

    1. oh we struggle to find anything with Sylvia’s name on so it’s great you can personalise and add your name to this book.

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