Blue Trench Coat Sylvias Style

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Blue Trench Coat Sylvias Style

Today on Sylvia’s Style we are sharing Sylvia’s gorgeous new Trench Coat from Sammi Dress. We recently wrote a post on Stripes, Bows and Boots and now we are sharing the second item we purchased from the online store.

girls winter coat

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I’ve never bought Sylvia a blue coat before. I often go for red. I don’t really know why that is but I do love bright red coats.

However, this time I chose something different and it sure is a lovely coat. A few years ago we were given a pair of second hand boots.

They had hardly been worn and Sylvia fell in love with them. She had been wearing them a lot and trying to squeeze into them so I made a goal to buy her first pair of new boots.

girls winter coat

When we got to the store, there were no ankle boots in Sylvia’s size, which was my original intention, so we ended up getting these black ones and boy have they come in handy in the last few weeks. Sylvia loves them and they go really well with her leggings and new trench coat.

girls winter coat

The new coat is really strong material wise and is double breasted at the front with big buttons and a large belt buckle.

I really do like the style and it was the perfect coat for Sylvia to pop on whilst walking Yoda and Casper with her dad.

girls winter coat

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this coat. I was not sure how it would look but I’m really pleased with the outcome and Sylvia loves it. She also wore it to church with a red dress underneath and the contrast looked fantastic.

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