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Blogging Quality Over Quantity As A Blogger

Over the past few months or so I have seriously cut back on the brands I work with on The Inspiration Edit. Now let me set the record straight. I love to work with different companies, brands and PR’s. This can make life fun. My daughter loves to model clothes and test out new toys. I enjoy reviewing products for the home and we all love going out on an adventure or to a new restaurant. However I decided back in August to cut back on brand work for a while due to my health.

I’ve been unwell on and off. It’s a daily thing. I may have a good day followed by a bad day and I have not been able to do all I need to or want to do in the home or as a blogger. It’s okay though. I am learning to live with this and there is always a silver lining to every situation.

I’ve been writing more about my own experiences lately and it’s been really therapeutic. In fact I think one day I want to write an autobiography and share my life story. It would be a very interesting read so I’ve been told and I want to work on a book next year.

Cutting back on brand work has been great for me for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have been able to rest more. I still get tons of emails and opportunities but I am now more picky. I am accepting the things which are better suited to my family, things which will make my blog better quality and interesting.

I haven’t pitched in a long time to a company. I have just been writing the things I feel I want to share. I still spend a lot of time doing blog work which seems to be writing and then promotion, promotion, promotion.

My favourite part of blogging is writing and having people read and leave genuine comments on social media or the blog. It means a lot to me when people take the time to comment. Of course I will get the odd troll-ment (which is my word for a troll comment) but I am ignoring them.

It’s been lovely to focus more on the things I feel like writing rather than creating advertising and editorial type content.

I still plan to work with brands. I love it, however I am holding out for good quality opportunities. I will keep working with toy companies such as Disney, Hasbro and Orchard. I will also look for fab opportunities for my family and will be creating a Christmas gift guide in the coming months, however I am not pushing for work in the way I used to and it does feel nice to be less pressured.

I’m hoping if I go slow, I will have more time to rest and more energy for Sylvia too. It’s a hard balancing act being chronically unwell and being a Mother and a blogger and I do my best. Life is not easy but we are happy. We have what we need in the home, (well most of the things) and I am really looking forward to the opportunities that come our way in the coming months.

Blogging is exciting but it is important to balance this with other things and take things slowly when I need to. I am super excited about my progress and am going to be making a master plan for the blog in 2018. Exciting times are ahead!

Angela x