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Blogging Plans for 2017

Can you believe it, I’ve been officially blogging for two years. I can honestly say I never knew where this Journey would take me when I began back in January 2015 and I certainly had no idea much I would learn and grow.

blogging plans

Blogging has been an education to me, a new world I have been able to take part in whilst being unwell with Adrenal Insufficiency.  It’s been brilliant and now I am setting new goals for the new year with the hope of working towards my 5 year plan, my goals and dreams for myself as a blogger.

So, I have created a list of 10 Goals I want to focus on this year. I’ve set very specific goals and have created a 90 day plan to work towards my specific goals. This can be reviewed at the end of each 90 days and I can tweak and make changes as I need to but here are my initial goals which I plan to work towards.

Angela’s 2017 blog Goals

1- Create a Blog Content Plan for 2017 on my Editorial Calendar (90 days at a time)

2- Check old content which has the DaysInBed brand on it. Repurpose and change Images and links to The Inspiration Edit. Complete 50 Posts every 3 Months.

3- Sign up and learn how to use Tailwind. This is totally out of my comfort zone and something I need to learn.

4- Complete 3 Pages/Recipes per 90 days for my 2018 Cook Book.

5- Guest post once a month on peer blogs throughout 2017.

6- Grow my Email Subscription List and create monthly downloadable content for subscribers. Again something totally out of my comfort zone.

7- Complete 4 Educational courses to help me improve as a blogger. One every 3 months.

8- Grow my Instagram following to 9000, Facebook to 5000 and Twitter to 20K. This will be very hard especially the Facebook and Instagram but I will work towards it.

9- Find an accountability Buddy who I can check in once a month to discuss blog work.

10- Learn to Vlog! Very scary and something I have no idea how to do well. Create two vlogs per month with one focussed on a recipe or cooking idea.

So these are my very specific 10 goals for 2017. I am a little nervous as they are either really hard to do, or they are totally out of my comfort zone. Some of these things I’m afraid of. I think it’s due to lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown. I need to learn to be able to improve and grow and I’ll do my best.

I also hope to focus a lot more on writing my own content for me. I will work with brands and continue to review and write sponsored content in addition to my own random thoughts and our experiences but I want to try and have a good balance on the blog so I can earn an income and enjoy myself at the same time.

Angela blogging plans