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The Blogging Business And Being Me

Blogging Business is the business I’m in. However since I began blogging I have always struggled to maintain a balance between being real, writing whatever I want and working on my goal to earn a living as a blogger.

Earning an income as a blogger was never the reason I began blogging and back in the days when I first started out I was free to do whatever I pleased.

I wrote what I wanted, had any title I wanted, I didn’t worry about how many page views I got or care about keyword research. I didn’t work with brands or review items and simply wrote about life as it was and hit publish

Blogging For An Income

Now that blogging has become a family business and a means for providing for the family and funding my medication things are somewhat different.

The first change you will notice is that I have advertisements on my blog. That’s right. For almost 3 years I had chosen not to have ad’s on my blog. However I have to find a way to fund the work I do as a blogger and having advertisements on my sidebar and within my blog posts is one of the ways to do this.

So having adverts on my blog is something I have to be prepared to accept. I’m pleased that I partner with Mediavine who not only place ad’s on my blog but give me support and advice in other areas such as improving my SEO and using a recipe card.

What I Write About

Blogging for fun allows you to write about whatever you want. Even when I write a review, I am given the freedom to review in my own style and I’m able to write my own thoughts and opinions on a product or experience. However things begin to change when you work for a brand for payment.

I may write an article, which is marked “sponsored post” or “collaboration” or “partnered post” and these articles although written by myself may have guidelines that I need to follow. For example if I were writing about fish fingers, (something I’ve never written about before) there might be a requirement to mention that the fish fingers are made from real fish and to discuss the ways you can eat fish fingers.

I love fish fingers by the way and that would be a dream collaboration, Hello Birdseye! Here we are! However the point is when you write a post for a brand, it is personalised but at the same time has requirements.

I don’t mind writing sponsored posts. In fact brand collaborations can be fun, especially when it’s for a brand or product you love. The important thing however is to balance collaborations with non sponsored writing such as this post which is simply about me, my life and my thoughts.

Being Pulled From Left To Right

Even though I balance editorial and advertorial content pretty well, I have found myself being pulled from one type of blogging to another. I started out as a writer. I shared my thought and feelings and I wrote and wrote and wrote.

Somewhere along the lines, I moved towards kids fun and fashion and eventually began sharing crafts and fun food ideas. I’ve shared a whole mix of posts and certain pieces of content do much better than others on different social media.

For example, my crafts and food ideas do great on Pinterest. I currently have a pinterest monthly reach of 5.8 Million and this helps bring traffic which helps with earning advertisement money.

I feel I need to keep sharing ideas (which I do enjoy doing) in order to grow my pinterest traffic and maintain an income via advertisements.

I also find I can promote these types of posts in a more automated way than I would a lifestyle post. Crafts have enabled me to pull back on my Instagram and Facebook which at some point I need to work on again.

For me, crafts and fun ideas equals traffic and that equals a monthly pay check from Mediavine.


Writing What I Feel Versus Sharing Ideas

So whilst I write ideas posts, I also feel the need to write how I feel posts, which are more likely to be read by my Facebook and Twitter followers rather than people searching for specific content.

I must admit, over the past few months I’ve had more craft focused content than lifestyle but it’s not for the reason you may think.

The reality is I had a lot of crafts stored up to share and I’ve been more sick than ever before.

With the illness and inability to think straight to write a good blog post, I’ve hung onto the cliff of blogging with my bear hands and shared content which was ready to go.

I’ve simply been too unwell and too exhausted and shattered to write a piece of quality content and it’s really been extra tough.

Yet I miss writing about everyday life and it’s something I want to do a little more of. In fact that’s why I’m writing this post. I’m just letting it all out and saying how I feel.

So if and as I improve with my health I hope to continue to share fabulous ideas but also to do more quality writing once more.

I just want my brain fog to go away so I can focus and just write, yet each time I try I find it really hard to concentrate. It’s part of having Adrenal Insufficiency.

Things have been really hard the past six months and with being unwell comes a mind anxiety which cripples me at times and makes it so hard to get anything out.


I Want To Quit Blogging

I can’t recall how many times I have thought about quitting and told my husband I want to quit blogging this year. It’s something I have repeated over and over and although I’ve said it, it’s not what I mean.

I don’t want to quit my blog, I simply want to quit the rat race for a week or two and rest. I want to take a break from sharing crafts and ideas and just write my thoughts down without worrying about keywords, without caring about Search Engine Optimisation and without caring about page views or earnings.

I want to just take a month to chill but the reality is I can’t. When you run a shop, you can’t close the store down for a month and go overseas. However you can shorten your opening hours or maybe even pay someone else to run the shop while you take a break.

For me, I am going to cut right back. I have posts, crafts and ideas ready to go for September and October. I have some awesome Halloween ideas and my mind says, you can’t take a break! You have to promote your Halloween content for the next few months and then promote your Christmas content.

The reality is I need to take a break from it all but I do not feel I can. Not completely. So maybe I will just shift focus for a while instead.

Maybe for the next two months I will plan more lifestyle content and not stress over page views or seo. Maybe I will just write what I feel whenever I feel and then do the odd sponsored post which I’ve already agreed to.

Well I’m just sharing how it is. I can’t stop. This is the family business. However I can change things up a bit, slow things down and maybe just maybe I will be able to get my mind straight again so I can focus and concentrate.

We shall have to see.



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